Class, Not Ass

“The beauty most desired is the beauty concealed”

Why do some girls/ women think that showing more of their bodies is sexier?

Let me tell you: you’re not sexy when your boobs and your ass are there to be seen, you’re a … (you know).


‘Sexy’ is not outside, but inside you.

One very handsome and smart man (sorry, he’s already taken 😉 ) told me this:

“the way you dress is the way the guy will think about you”.

Think about it, if you dress like a … (you know), you’ll be only for, you know, the bed part. If you dress, for example simple, but yet elegant, people will take you as a woman who has something in her head, because she doesn’t have to ‘shine’ with her breats to show she’s worth something.

Of course, I’m not against sexy clothes, not at all! It’s only about how we wear them.

Woman dress for herself during the day, but fot her man in the evening.

Also, if you wore the sexiest skirt in the world, but you wouldn’t have any self-confidence and there wouldn’t be anything to talk with you about, the skirt won’t make you magically sexy.

Balance – it’s the magic word.

Confidence and humility – find the balance between these two and you’ll rock girl!

I’m telling ya! 😉

A little tip, regarding the clothing, if you’re showing the legs (short skirt, shorts), don’t show off your upper part of the body. On the other hand, if you’re showing your breasts (a small part of it, of course) then don’t show your legs at the same time. Remember, balance is everthing.

I am feminine, I’m not girly.

I am appropriately sexy, I am not sexpot.

I am detailed, I am not overdone.

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  1. This is perhaps correct to an extent. Heck, I have seen a well covered up woman harassed and whistled at because she has a big butt, even the women passing by were whispering she should be wearing oversized clothes, not fitted ones. Despite being well covered. Well, I felt like slapping those two women that day. If there’s something I know, it is never to judge a book by its cover.

      1. On the contrary, most often than not, I was wowed. But hey, lets leave that open yet and give everyone the benefit of a doubt.😁

  2. Absolutely right and very well conveyed. People need to understand that being sexy by showing off skin is not all that matters, one can be sexy by intelligence too. And if someone has that (intelligence), show that off too, for a change!

  3. “The way you dress is the way the guy will think about you”.

    That is a very wise statement. I’ll have to keep this in mind when our daughter is at that age. She’s only 2 now. Haha! But it’s always good to be prepared. Great post with great points! Dressing sexy is inviting a man to explore that sexy part of you. Dressing elegantly is inviting a man to explore that elegant, sophisticated part of you. I think this applies to every aspect of ourselves – intellect, elegancy, sexy, beauty, skills (cooking, walking, drawing, sports, all our hobbies…).

    1. Yes, exactly, I agree and that’s what I meant :). About your daughter – That’s funny, but yes, like you said it’s always good to be prepared :).

  4. Absolutely, agreed, Ula! I wore a beautiful skirt to class once and I was so uncomfortable with the amount of skin showing that I didn’t feel sexy at all. After, when I wore an elegant dress, everyone said that I looked better that way, because it fit my personality and I looked uncomfortable the other day.

    Wish more girls realized that we should dress for ourselves.

  5. Good advice, Ula. Unfortunately, many women have low self-esteem. They dress immodestly in the hope of finding love. But all that style attracts is attention, and the kind of men who think very little of women.

    1. I agree, unfortunately it is true what you’re saying, but anyway I hope that maybe at least one woman after reading my post will look at herself differently, in a much better way ☺.

  6. I agree with your handsome man. I never been attracted to women that dress to reveal. Fortunately, my present girlfriend, and also my past ones, all had a sense of style, fashion, and class. I am a legs-guy; so, I do prefer seeing my girlfriend in dresses and skirts whenever we go out on a date at night.

    Also, on a different note, I prefer style over fashion. Fashion goes in and out — especially, for women; but, style is timeless. Great BLOG.

  7. I agree with you 🙂
    Thanks for your following in the same time, very nice ! ♥
    Do you speak french or do you use google translate on my blog ?

  8. Hey there simple Ula! Am a 17 year old Kenyan girl! I wish you would make most of my age mates understand this. This is just awesome and totally sophisticated.

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