7 Healthy Drinks I Choose

7 Healthy Drinks I Choose

Hydration is very important for our body. Every day, I try to drink four liters of water. I also use an app as a reminder and to see if I achieve my daily goal (there are many of them, I have one called “Water Drink Reminder”). Besides that I have some of my favorite drinks in between. I choose them wisely, because I want to stay as healthy as possible.

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How to Get Ready for a Garden Party

Now that summer is here, you will probably be looking to spend as much time outdoors as you possibly can. And one of your best ways of doing this is by hosting your very own garden party. Inviting some friends and family over to enjoy your outdoor space while enjoying some fantastic food and drink sounds pretty great, right? If you are finding the idea a little overwhelming as there is so much to plan, here is a quick list of the essentials that you need to tick off in order to host a great event.

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