The Cookbook I’d Like To Share With You

When I moved to Canada almost 3 years ago, I’ve left all my cookbooks I had in Poland. I love cooking and preparing something yummy for my hubby and me. I sometimes creatively come up with the recipe, but other times, I go accordingly with someone’s instructions. Nina Cucina is a brilliant woman, who promotes healthy lifestyle and as you know that is something I love, as well! 🙂 Her cookbook “Nina Cucina- Your Healthy Gourmet – Beautiful, Healthy Food to Keep You Healthy and Beautiful” is the one I’ve been using the most for over a year now and that’s why I’d like to share it with you.


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Healthy Alternative To Deep-Fried Foods

My husband is always careful how much oil we use to cook our meals and that’s great, because, as you probably all know, a healthy choice is very important to me. Sometimes when I was making some Polish food for us or homemade French fries, I was missing the proper taste, because of the lack of full amount of oil that was needed in each meal. Luckily, we have found the solution (actually my hubby did) and we got the 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL 5.8 Qt from GoWise and it’s one of our most used and most favorite appliance in our kitchen.

Our French fries and as you can see, I like cutting out the potato heart for my hubby

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End Bloating And Stop Feeling Like The Amazing Balloon Woman

It’s the season of tees, tanks, and swimsuits, so you want to be out there enjoying the sunshine. However, your confidence is about to take a knock thanks to a sudden case of bloating. Especially if you’re working hard to look and feel good, it’s unfortunate that your belly can throw a wrench in your plans by deciding to suddenly balloon up. But more than that, bloating can be uncomfortable, painful, and just unpleasant. So, what are the causes and what can you do about it?

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Fantastic Foods To Help You Lose Weight Naturally

It’s never been easier, or harder, for us to lose weight.

There is a teeming market of celebrity weight loss pills, and supplements, and while there’s no denying that they can yield great results, choosing the right one for your goals can be confusing when there are so many brands out there.  

Sometimes we can become so distracted by weight loss solutions that we lose out on the most obvious solution of all… Food!

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