3 Of The Most Effective Weight Loss Methods Out There

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight will know that there are so many options out there for ways in which you might be able to do so. That is something which can actually make it quite difficult if you just want to lose some weight – the paralysis of having too much choice will mean that you struggle to know what to go for in the first place. Then you might find that you struggle to really make it work, and you go to something else, only to find that you are bouncing around from one method to the other without seeing much in the way of results. It’s useful to know what the most effective methods are, so that you can have a better sense of which you should actually go for. Let’s take a look at three of the likely contenders.

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If you want to go direct and do something that is really going to make a difference, you could think about having surgery done. Surgery can be a powerful way to ensure that you are actually going to lose weight for real, and for good. It is certainly something to consider if you feel at a loss as to what to do. There are many kinds of weight loss surgery, but the most popular and effective in the world is gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure is so effective because it enables you to feel full after much less food, and means that your stomach is much smaller than it was originally. This also causes a drop in the number of hunger-causing hormones, so you just won’t find yourself eating as much. Clearly, this is a most effective means of ensuring some considerable weight loss.


The notion of fasting has been around for many thousands of years, but recently in the West there has been something of a revival of it, and more and more people are turning to this method of weight loss today. The reason? It’s incredibly effective! With fasting, you can expect to lose fat while retaining or even growing muscle, and that is what most people are trying to achieve in general with weight loss. What’s more, it’s relatively easy to do once you train your body to do it. You can start at 16 hours to 8, and work your way up until you are doing 24 or even 36 hour fasts. As well as the incredible weight loss, you can expect mental clarity and a process known as autophagy, wherein your cells are replaced by new ones.


If you want to lose weight dramatically fast, you can try going vegan for a short time. You won’t even need to do it for that long, and you certainly don’t need to make it a permanent change – though there are certainly benefits to doing so. In general, you can just go vegan for a couple of weeks, and you will find that this really helps in keeping the weight off no problem.

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10 thoughts

  1. I do not agree with any of the 3 options 😂 but that’s me. I think a diet does not really work. But you can eat healthy, keeping your macros in balance and eat you 3 meals and a snack in between only as you are hungry. Doing exercises helps a lot and all this combined makes you fit, strong and happy in your own skin 🙌🏼

  2. Speaking from personal experience, one of the most effective methods is cutting back on soda.

    Three years ago I quit my 2-to-3 Pepsi a day habit and replaced it with water. At first the excuses to quit “quitting” abounded – “Water is so bland.” “Without the caffeine I’m tired all the time.”….not to mention the terrible caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

    It was a tough two months, but three years later, here I am, and noticeably lighter too. Plus, I now enjoy all the other health benefits of not drowning myself in caffeinated sugar water.

      1. That’s fortunate, Ula. Plus, this means the baby has at least a 50% chance (close to 100% I V shares your predilection) of avoiding soda. Every advantage, from the very beginning!

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