Ross Or Rachel? How To Tell If A Breakup Is Permanent

People say some outrageous things to the people they love. On reflection, it’s never a good move, yet you are so close that you don’t mind telling the truth. Although the facts are important, the truth does hurt and couples break up as a result. On again, off again, on again, off again – the merry-go-round keeps turning and you’re at its center. As you age, the realization that you can’t wait forever hits home. Whether it’s a breakup or you’re on a break, it’s important to know so that you can move on with your life. Here are the signs it may not be temporary.

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It’s The Little Things In Life: Gift Ideas That Say ‘I Love You’

There is a common misconception that gifts are only meaningful when they are big and expensive, but that isn’t the case. The fact is that it is the little things that make the best gifts; these are the things that you see out and about and think ‘he’d love that,’ and so buy them as a little treat for your partner.

Showing your partner what they mean to you isn’t about choosing pricey gifts every birthday and Christmas, it’s about treating them to little bits and bobs throughout the year. The things that say ‘I love you’ aren’t just engraved watches and expensive hand tanned leather wallets, it’s the little things, the cute gestures.

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Relationships Are A Marathon Not A Sprint. Here’s How To Pace Yours

When starting a new relationship, it’s only natural to start thinking about what the future might hold. But the road from first attraction to pure devotion is one of the most exciting that anyone can experience, which is why you must learn to appreciate.

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Relationship Flare Points: Home Improvements

No matter how happy you are and how confident you are in your relationship, there are going to be inevitable flare points. Of course, these don’t mean that you’re not happy together, or that there is some underlying problem in your relationship. They just mean that, when you are tested, you might find unique ways of aggravating one another.

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