Ross Or Rachel? How To Tell If A Breakup Is Permanent

People say some outrageous things to the people they love. On reflection, it’s never a good move, yet you are so close that you don’t mind telling the truth. Although the facts are important, the truth does hurt and couples break up as a result. On again, off again, on again, off again – the merry-go-round keeps turning and you’re at its center. As you age, the realization that you can’t wait forever hits home. Whether it’s a breakup or you’re on a break, it’s important to know so that you can move on with your life. Here are the signs it may not be temporary.

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Life Happened

And not in the “our lives just aren’t compatible at the moment” sort of way. Yes, working nights while your partner goes in during the day means there isn’t much time for romance. In this case, taking a break may be the injection you need to refuel the relationship and get back on track. However, it’s different if life is passing you by and you’re both unhappy. Sure, a salvage job is possible, but you have to be proactive and see the signs early. Those that don’t end up resenting their other half, and that’s when it’s breakup city.

It Wasn’t The Heat Of The Moment

Plenty of couples have argued and then stormed out in a huff. It happens that often that it’s practically clichéd. Sometimes, people say things they regret and this is a sign that the relationship is on the rocks, yet not finished. When someone sits you down and asks to talk, it’s a little different. Sadly, it means they have thought about what they are saying and intend every word. It’s calculated and a clear sign that they want a fresh start. Sorry to break the news, but it’s over.

You Want To See Other People

Thoughts can get into your head, but your imagination is different than acting it out in real life. Wanting to get a bit of “strange” is a clear warning that you are unhappy. The same goes for your partner too, not that they’ll admit it out loud. Yes, it may be a huge mistake and only cement the fact that you love your ex more than anyone in the world. In that case, check this link for tips and advice. If you feel nothing but excitement, you’re moving onto a new chapter in your life.

There Is Radio Silence

When couples break up, there is an inevitable transition period. After spending weeks, months or even years talking every day, it’s difficult to stop. Continuing to interact never helps, but it feels like the right thing to do at the time. Honestly, it’s an indicator that you’re not ready to give up that person. Radio silence implies something different. The fact that you don’t want to talk is almost a sign that you are happy to be free. As a rule, free people never want to go back.

So, are you just on a break or is this the real thing?

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  1. I love the Friends reference! These are excellent points! Since my divorce I tend to fall to the “permanent” side, deciding if it ended there was a valid reason. But I know so many people who stay on that merry go round…. Always trying to “make it work”. I completely understand that relationships take work but if it feels like a second job then it might not be the right relationship!

  2. Relationships are very tough sometimes, but I do believe that love conquers all! If there is no love the relationship will fail. Words are very hurtful even though it is said that words are wind you do have some words that sticks!

  3. An interesting one because sometimes that line can be really blurred…whether you think there could be a chance to work things out, whether breaking up changes the way you feel about the other person.. a tough one! x

  4. A long relation need same space, so you need to step aside to have a clear image. If your partner or you need a break it is time to reappraise your relation.

  5. The radio silence tip is so true! Like you said, if someone loved you or cares about you, they just can’t stay away! I know this from personal experience: I was dating this guy and he completely stopped taking to me after he broke up with me. Like, he’d see me on the street and pretend I didn’t exist. So no message is itself a message!

  6. This post is needed by me.😢Can’t stop thinking about her even if I want to .And trust me I tried really hard.But still there comes ”lonely’ night qnd I start thinking about her again.It’s constant.I can’t move on and still I am hoping that someday she comes againg and we’ll together.#HopeIsADangerousThing

  7. There’s a difference between falling in love, and the love that develops after a long time of sharing life together with its ups and downs…

  8. I tell my teens that if a dating relationship does not work out there are good reasons why. Consider that if the person is wonderful and it doesn’t work out think how awesome the person that is right for you will be.

  9. Yes, and so true what you said about silence after a breakup!! Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be, I guess. Really great post. 🙂

  10. I practically going through this radio silence process.. It’s crazy when you think of love or relationships go wrong and time sapping.. It’s just life’s still going on.. I guess. 😔

  11. I loved that FRIENDS reference as it always has a soft corner in my heart.Morever I have some content similar to it….I’m actually a novice writer so I would appreciate if anyone would be interested in reviewing or reading my blog

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