Oil pulling – take care of your teeth

Open Google and type ‘oil pulling’.coconut-1123738.jpg

I know you’re too lazy, but that’s ok, stay here. I only asked you to do it, becasue you would see how many websites and articles there are about oil pulling. But here, I will tell you about my journey with this healthy habit.

About three years ago I was at the dentist to cure all my teeth. My sister did the same at the same dentist and at the same time. After about two years later my sister went to the same dentist to do the check up and she found out that she had three cavities. I thought I’ll do the same, because I was about to move to another country so it was a good idea to do it before leaving.

In the meantime (in these two years in between) I discovered oil pulling which I was doing every day for twenty minutes in the mornings. When I got out from the dentist’s office, I was so happy, because I didn’t have to make any more appointments! Trust me I don’t like going to the dentist, but luckily she told me that all my teeth were fine!

So ladies and gentlemen I really recommend you oil pulling, which you can do with coconut oil (you can find one here on Amazon and it’s the best one or sesame seed oil if you don’t like coconuts). You put a spoonfull of it in your mouth and you swish it around for 15-20 minutes (if not at least 15 mins then try less, better some than nothing). Do not swallow the oil while swishing, because all the toxins and bacteria will go right back into your system. After this time spit the oil into the trash can, because otherwise if you do it into the sink, the oil may thicken and clog pipes. Also it is best to do it in the mornings right after you wake up, but if you cannot then do it later during the day.

What are the benefits?

Well from my experience, for sure, less money spend on the dentist, but also there’s an awful lot of it: whiten and strengthen your teeth, draw out the oral bacteria (so you won’t have bad breath anymore),  of course prevent cavities. It’s also good when you have a hangover, it helps you with the headache and helps your body to get rid of all the toxins. Also, which might be a little surprising, it boots your immune system and prevents heart disease.

Give it a try, you can do a lot of stuff while swishing around the coconut oil and if you want to say something to someone well you can play the charades ;).

Here are the two websites where you can read about it more: WebMD and Dr. Axe.

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82 thoughts on “Oil pulling – take care of your teeth

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      1. I found one thing out right away and that is that it is better to put the coconut oil someplace warm, for me, the shelf above the stove and let it melt before using. The first spoon of congealed coconut oil, which I thought would melt quickly in my mouth. I kept thinking coconut not lard, coconut, not lard, coconut good. Still, I melt it now but not over a flame. Thanks again, .

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  2. Well, I didn’t know about this one!
    I surely do use coconut oil to prepare delicious food (in anything I make i put some oil 🙂
    Yet I’ll have to try this one. Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky to get some really good teeth 😦

    Thanks for the advice!

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  3. I did this for a while before getting irritated with the commitment it requires everyday. But yes, those days my teeth did feel squeaky clean and the fuzzy feeling in the mouth did not come till much later in the day. Reading your post, I feel maybe I should start doing this again. Good post!

    Did you ever notice teeth re-mineralization with oil pulling like some people claim?

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  4. I haven’t done oil pulling in a long time, but when I used to do it regularly, my mouth felt great! Thanks for the reminder about this, I’ll have to get a little stash back in the bathroom 😉

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  5. I do oil pulling first thing in the morning while I make breakfast. I’m convinced that it makes it easier to appreciate the taste of the food. I do it because I heard it pulls toxins out the body. We are all exposed to toxins. So that makes sense. I hadn’t thought about it being good for my teeth, though I must admit, the last several visits have been easier than those in the past.

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