Suwałki, That’s Where My Story Begins

Have you ever been to Poland? Have you ever been to northeastern Poland?

Why not?! 🙂

Having ‘Travel’ in the menu I couldn’t not start with the place I was born in.

Let me also convince you that’s the place worth visiting in your life.

Train Station (image source)

Suwałki is a town in northeastern Poland where around 70,000 people live.

Town Hall (image source)

Once a year, you can participate in:

No, not all the people there listen to Blues, not only.

Suwałki has a very strong and patriotic rap scene:

Have you heard about the movie “Katyń” which was nominated for Oscar? It was directed by Andrzej Wajda who was born in Suwałki, who actually won the Academy Award in 2000.

This beautiful town is located in Suwalszczyzna, I know it’s a difficult word, in English you can just say Suwałki Region.

In Suwałki Region you can find some breathtaking parks:

You can find there the deepest lake in Poland:

Hańcza (image source)

It’s one of my favourite spots:

John Paul II?

He was there, it was one of his favorite places:

Wigry (image source)
Image source

You’ve heard about Vikings, but do you know about Yotvingians?

Yotvingians’ cemetery (image source)


Nope, that’s not Holland, that’s very near Suwałki (image source)

If you’d like to visit this beautiful place on the planet and you have no one there, I’d recommend you Cisowe Sioło as a very nice place to stay during your visit.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a girl from Suwałki! 🙂

Me on a kayak 🙂

I’ll turn around and answer ;).

So when you’re going there?

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  1. I saw this post and I was like wow Ula is born in Poland, Didn’t know that the first time when I visited your blog. Today I was surfing some blogs and landed on yours again and then I saw Suwalki in the Travelsection haha
    I have Polish roots also, I speak Polish what about you ? Mowisz po Polsku ? Podoba mi sie Twoj blog, piszes o duzo rzeczach – Pozdrawiam

    ps : w Suwalkach jescze nie bylem:)

  2. Hi Ula, they are driving a “Goggomobli” –>
    Most times they discuss with the navigation device, which direction they should take. Nothing exiting 😀 I was born and grown up in the GDR, near the border to Poland. On time I visited Poland to exchange students in Zielona Gora. Now I live in Basel. Isn’t it crazy, how big is the world for us now? Greetings- Doro

  3. Hi Ula. Love the post and pictures. Poland holds a special place in my heart. It is the first country I ever visited outside of North America. I was there in 1988 back before the iron curtain fell. Despite the difficulties of the time, the polish people i met were so kind and warm. I was in Katowice and Krakow so I was in the opposite side of the country. I had a friend there who was from the Mazurian lakes area, she gave me a wooden figure of Jesus, I still have it now and keep it on my desk . Thanks for following me. I have returned the favor. i am enjoying your posts and look forward to reading more.

  4. My great-grandparents were almost all from Poland 🙂 I am 75% Polish and would LOVE to visit someday. I believe my grandmother’s parents were from Krakow, however, your hometown looks beautiful and definitely worth a visit if we get over there sometime 🙂

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