Attention to each other and what is love?

That’s my first post in the category of love, so let’s start with:

What’s love?

There can be an endlessness of the answers.

My first answer would be:

Love is about forgetting about yourself and giving your all to significant other.


In today’s world I would say that men are more often tempted by the devil.

I’m not saying that only men destroy the relationship. Hell no, as far as I’m concerned “not good women” are most often the ones, because of whom the realtionship don’t exist anymore.

I meant that men are more tempted by the stuff around us, such as: pornography, TV, music videos etc. and other women who wear clothes- “almost no clothes”.

Men are the ones who think about sex more often, so I would say that’s their Achilles’ heel.

So if the devil needs to choose, he chooses the men, because it’s the easiest way to destroy the whole family- wife and the kids, because the man is the head of the family.

The very said thing is that the today’s world does everything to destroy the values (such as family) from the Bible.

That’s why it’s very important to remember about these values, rely on them and use them as a strong guiding force.

As I said before men are the ones who think a lot about sex, so it’s very important to take care of the sexual needs (and not only) of your man, but it’s also very important for the man to take a really good care of his woman.

Let me tell you how I see this.

I don’t need a big house, I don’t care that much about money to buy fancy stuff, these things are not important for me.

But I’m pretty exclusive / luxurious if it comes to my needs in a relationship:

  • exclusivity: “You’re the only one”
  • attention“I see only you in the crowd of women”
  • adoration“You’re beautiful”, “You look gorgeous/ beautiful/ amazing”, “You’re the best”, “You’re very good at…”
  • recognition“I appreciate you”, “Thank you”, “I’m proud of you”
  • confirmation“I’m with you and for us”
  • acceptation“I respect you”, “I adore you”, “I admire you”
  • affirmation“I love you”, “I trust you”

Now, don’t you also think that it works both ways?

If yes, then let’s just say:

Treat your significant other, how you want to be treated! 🙂 

Simple as that ;).


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44 thoughts on “Attention to each other and what is love?

  1. “Treat your significant other, how you want to be treated!”
    Very true! Half the population wouldn’t be whining about how unfair their partner is if they stopped to look at it from the other side. I will remember your words the next time I complain how awful it is 😛

    PS: I am in love with your tagline. Beautiful blog! Keep them coming…

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  3. Love is giving each other a freedom to be who they are…. Love is helping each other grow into beings….. Love is expressing each other without fear of been judged….. Love is not destroying but always there to handle even the demons…… Love is to be able to listen to the silence….. Love is making each other feel great of self….. Love is allowing a deep sense of responsibility to be accepted….. Love is to trust all moments are not as they are….. Love is to let other speak everything without fear of been judged….. Love is to hold from heart and Soul…… Love is to let each other flow and fly….. Love is to respect the feelings of each other…… Love is to be deeply lost in each other without losing self….. Love is to become love not just lovers…… Love is helping each other bloom into beautiful flowers….. Love is to be able to talk and grow….. Love is to help each other heal….. Love simply to love not dominate…

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  4. Some very good points here. With mentioning the bible Mark 7:21-22 shows us the big sins or evils in mankind, and the sexual sins cover 25% of the total evils that man commits. These being adultery, sexual immorality, like promiscuity and lasciviousness which covers pornography. A good loving relationship in marriage is the best remedy, however God sees this as weakness in mankind and it’s best that he/she has one partner like Adam and Eve, because really people should be loving God first, and then loving mankind second like the first two commandments advise us. Nice post. Thank you.

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