Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

March passed, April is here and it means that everything is awakening to life. I cannot wait to see some beautiful flowers and trees to flourish. I’m also looking forward to Easter and already planning all the dishes I could make this year. Lots of exciting things.

I’ve already started doing some spring cleaning and I am very happy about decluttering. Sometimes it is so hard to get rid of things that were with you for so long. At the same time, it is so good once the space is so much cleaner and not filled will all the unnecessary stuff.

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He Made My Dream Come True

He Made My Dream Come True

As you all know, fall is my favorite season and the main reason is that my birthday is in November.

When I was a little girl, I remember celebrating my friends’ birthdays playing outside in their backyards, hide and seek and all the other fun games. Then came November and celebrating my birthday where we could only stay at home and play board games together. I remember how I was always a little sad that it’s too cold to play outside and was always hoping around September and October that maybe beginning of November will be warm this year. That never happened.

Last Sunday, my husband made my dream come true and I couldn’t be more surprised and happier!


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Can the Way that You Dress Change Your Mood?

In the same way that colorful fruits and veggies to your plate can improve your health, can colorful clothes improve your mood? That’s the idea behind ‘dopamine dressing’, the latest fashion trend that dips a toe into the world of health trends. But can a splash of brightness in your wardrobe really bring a smile? Retailers of maxi dresses, QUIZ, tell us more:


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My favorite holiday and a happy spring feeling

Who doesn’t like the time when everything wakes up and and comes to life? I even remember the times when I heard and believed that people mostly fall in love in spring and there I was hoping that maybe in this season, I’ll meet someone special…, but here I am – celebrating Easter and welcoming spring with the love of my life! ❤☺ (And no, we didn’t meet and fall in love in spring, but in winter ☺.)

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