Preparing for Life’s Unexpected Surprises

Life can unexpected in so many different ways. Regardless of how you live your life, being thrown a curveball can have the potential to completely upend your life in the worst way. There is nothing like being unprepared for major life-changing events. Yet at the same time can you ever really be fully prepared for the unexpected?

As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry especially when the proverbial ‘rainy day’ arrives. But what is the best way to be prepared for the unexpected? And is there really anything you can do to lessen the impact should the unexpected happen to you?

In this post, we will be looking at ways you try to prepare for life-changing events so if you do encounter something that shakes up the foundations in your life, you have something to fall back on in your time of need.


In this day and age, we can protect and insure pretty much every area of our lives. From mobile phones to cars, home and life insurance. The possibilities are endless. One of the most major insurances to have is decent health insurance that is suitable for your needs.

Having huge medical bills can really impact on your lifestyle should your insurance not be adequate. Even if you are in great health, sometimes accidents happen.

For example, finding yourself in a car accident and needing medical treatment could be very expensive. So alongside appropriate health insurance finding a car accident lawyer who can help you claim compensation to help with medical expenses is essential. No one wants to be out of pocket for something that wasn’t their fault.

Another idea to help protect you and your family is to get life insurance. With covers extending to serious medical conditions, loss of income and death, a payout from your cover can provide you with some financial relief should you find yourself needing assistance in this way.


Sometimes saving money is easier said than done, however for those fortunate to be able to save some money. This is a great way to have a financial nest egg to help you through times when bad luck strikes for many different reasons. There are many different ways to save money and what is best for one person may not be best for someone else. So talk to your bank manager and discuss opening a savings account that is realistic for you.

Create A Back-Up Plan

This is something that is often overlooked and can mean different things for many different people. The nature of unexpected life events is that unpredictability is your main factor. You know what you will need until you are in that situation.

Create a store at home with items such as toiletries, batteries, flashlights and medical supplies as a minimum. Add to that with bigger items as and when you can and look at including cash and food supplies too. Should money become an issue you can borrow from your backup store as you need to.

You can do the same for other areas of your life such as one for the car for emergencies or a box for the children for emergencies too. It is easy to put some simple and easy things in place so you can be prepared should the unexpected happen.

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20 thoughts

  1. Many people don’t. It’s like preparing for a disaster is acknowledging the possibility it might happen. Ever thought of making a last will? Or leaving instructions about organ donation or when they may pull the plug of your life-support in case you’re unable to express yourself? Instructions for legal custody of eventual minor children? Most people don’t because deep down they have this irrational believe that dead will only occur to them at very advanced old age while being absolutely unwilling to make practical arrangements for such thing to happen.

  2. Wise advice, Ula. To dust off a cliché, it’s best to, “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

    Still, it’s good not to surrender completely to grimness. Every once in a while, life unexpectedly does produce happy developments, as your recent news demonstrates.

  3. You have shared some great advice. When do you think some people will actual try to be prepared. I love how you are accepting the changes. You are going to get more beautiful as this progresses. Blessing to you and V.

  4. There is something else, Ula, that people don’t like to talk about, but something that I have now learned is extremely important…Wills. It’s best to do Wills while you’re young and healthy. Before you NEED to. Like I said, it’s a topic that no one really wants to talk about, but it is a conversation that is very worthwhile.

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