A Wardrobe For All Seasons: Is It Possible?

If you were to believe fashion magazines, we all have entire wardrobes that we change over every three months. We have clothes for each individual season, and nothing ever translates between them. Okay, perhaps we wear the same things for autumn/winter and for spring/summer – but that’s it. Nothing crosses between them.

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While that might be the dream – a closet per season; a woman can dream! – it’s not the reality for most of us on a budget. Even if we accept that we’re just meant to have two different wardrobes – one “hot” and one “cold” – that’s still an awful lot of clothing that will go unused for 50% of the time. That’s just not making a good investment, when you think about it in those terms.

So how about if we make it more interesting? Take three items that traditionally would seem to fit into only one season – two at a push – and see if we can transform them into year-round useful. Let’s go…

Is It Possible To Transform… A Bathing Suit?

A bathing suit; a signifier of summer unlike anything else, but does it have any uses when the sun isn’t shining?

Perhaps – for one thing, bathing suits are quite useful to wear while cleaning. Hey, no one said it had to be fashionable year round choices! Bathing suits are also useful if you regularly get massages or spa treatments; and, of course, can be year-round if you choose to swim for fun.

All Seasons Rating: 3/5 – good, but not great.

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Is It Possible To Transform… Woolly Socks?

What could possibly scream autumn and winter more than a comfortable pair of proper woolly socks? It might be a pair you have had for years or fantastically stylish new ones such as Minus33 merino wool socks – but the fact remains: woollen socks are a two-season deal at best, right?

Maybe not. Wool is naturally fairly waterproof, so socks would be perfect to line your shoes during spring showers and summer storms. You can also use wool socks to help with a pedicure year-round: slather on some foot cream, put on a pair of socks you don’t care about to act as a barrier, then top off with the wool socks. The heat generated will help the cream to be absorbed all the more.

All Seasons Rating: 4/5 – loses a point for not having much use when it comes to sandals season!

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Is It Possible To Transform… Short Skirts?

Short skirts are the reserve of spring and summer. The feel of an ice cold wind against your legs just once is enough to convince you a short skirt after September is a pretty bad idea.

Of course, skirts can be adapted with the help of hose – but if we’re honest, that’s a fairly tricky look to pull off on a regular basis. Thick, opaque hose can keep you warm, and provided you don’t mind running the risk of a ladder or two, can look good as well.

You can also choose footwear – like over-the-knee boots – that will cover more of your legs and keep you warm. You could even, in a pinch, wear a short skirt over a pair of skintight leggings.

All Seasons Rating: 5/5 – with a few additions and changes, a short skirt can be perfect all year long!

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  1. Enjoyed this article. I have a lot of clothes that I don’t wear in my closet. I need to scale it down to a few mix and match items. Btw: I wear my bathing suit year round. We have a hit tub so I get plenty yearly use. Thx #keepwriting

  2. I am currently trying to fit 7 months of clothing into a backpack, including summer items, warm gear for hikes and nights in the desert, cute outfits for city days and practical stuff for adventurous exploring. It is so difficult! Love your pedicure idea about the wool socks, will definitely use that – at least one item I can now happily use for multiple occasions 🙂

  3. Good ideas on keeping your wardrobe circulating all year long. I wear jeans and T-shirts all year long. Not super stylish but it’s comfortable.

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