Which Metals Are Most Popular For Wedding Rings?

When it comes to wedding rings, there is not often the same amount of thought and consideration in choosing the rings as there is when choosing an engagement ring. There is a broad range of choice available to consumers and various wedding inspiration blogs can give you an indication of what is currently in fashion. If you are open to ideas for your wedding rings, then here are some of the more popular choices that people often choose.

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Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is still one of the most popular choices of metals to use for wedding rings and comes in purities of 9, 18, and also 22 carats. The purer the gold, the softer the metal, so a popular choice for a wedding ring is 18 carats.

White Gold

Another popular choice for wedding rings is using white gold, which has the same drawbacks as purer yellow gold in that it is very soft. When you purchase a wedding ring made from a soft metal, it will require much more care and maintenance. However, there are harder wearing options available to you that are much easier to take care of and keep looking in excellent condition. If you have not seen these types of rings before, you can take a look at the white gold wedding rings at The Beautiful Company, and see how beautiful white gold rings can be.


Over recent years, Platinum has become increasingly popular with couples that are getting married, and the white color is similar to other metals. However, platinum is very hard wearing and has a weighty feel to it so is not as delicate as pure gold, an excellent benefit for a symbolic item of jewelry that you will wear every day for the rest of your life.


Silver rings are still very popular with couples, as when you compare it to gold it is much harder wearing and durable, as well as also being significantly cheaper. The price of silver is a small percentage of that of gold, and you can still get elegant and beautiful rings made from this semi-precious metal. As silver is so much cheaper than other alternatives, there is also a wide selection of different styles of rings available, and you can even look to getting custom designed rings for a very reasonable price.


Palladium is a member of the Platinum family, so it is also silvery white in color and hard wearing and durable. It has many of the same properties as Platinum, but is much lighter, as well as also being much cheaper, so could be a worthwhile consideration for your wedding rings.

There is so much choice available to suit all different tastes and budgets that it is important that you set aside fashion, and instead choose wedding rings that you both like, and are comfortable with wearing. Make sure the design you choose is practical to be worn every day, as if you have to keep taking your rings off to do chores, you may end up losing them.

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  1. My boyfriend and I have already picked out ours and decided on rose gold bands, but classic style rings- to be different without going overboard (:

  2. We have Platinum rings for wedding bands which is very popular in Japan and spilled over to our little red dot. Yellow Gold is traditional but people these days opt for the unconventional!

  3. My wedding ring is white gold, and I inherited in from my Mama when she upgraded hers to yellow gold for her 25th anniversary. My husband’s wedding ring was silver, which he inherited from his grandfather when his grandfather passed away; unfortunately, hubby lost it at the beach 😦 So he had my name tattooed on his ring finger lol. After only three years, the tattoo is already starting to wear away.

      1. Yeah, we were both quite upset when he lost it 🙁 Hired a professional metal detector but it must have been washed away with the tide. At least with the tattoo, he can never take it off! Haha.

  4. Mine is white gold and my husband’s is yellow gold and yes one should handle it with care. Yet it is always in fashion and affordable too when we compare it with platinum.

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