It’s Time to Retire Your Classic Coffee Pot

It’s the morning, you know the drill: stumble to the kitchen and get the coffee brewing so you can actually function as a human being. Your coffee pot feels like a lifesaver, so why are you still using outdated technology? Aren’t you tired of guessing how many spoonfuls of grinds to put in the filter for it to taste right? How about trying to add the right amount of water so you won’t have to throw out half of the pot? Come on, you deserve an upgrade. Your taste buds and your insides will thank you.

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Treat yourself to some bells and whistles

Now, coffee makers may look a little bit intimidating when you’re used to an old-school coffee pot, but think of the potential. These machines take the guesswork out of the brewing cycle. Some even have inbuilt temperature settings to moderate the strength of each cup of coffee, while others will make you a latte fit for a French cafe. Why are you still torturing yourself with your dinosaur coffee pot when you could be starting your day with such luxuries?

Which coffee maker will give you the perfect cup?

Coffee preferences are part of people’s identities. So making your coffee wrong is like being forced to wear someone else’s clothes every day. You need a coffee maker that suits you. If you’re shopping for a new coffee brewing system, you should look at the best machines around and see which one you didn’t know you needed in your life.

A single-cup coffee maker will make your insides smile

With classic coffee pots, it’s all too easy to find yourself drinking twice the amount of coffee you need and more than what’s good for your health. Sleeping better and improving your digestive health are another two benefits of cutting down on the coffee consumption. There are plenty more benefits and a single-cup brewer gives you more control over what you get out of each cup. These brewing systems often provide opportunities to start trying new morning drinks as well. You may consider healthier options for your morning routine.

Now, thank your classic coffee pot for its service and go get yourself that life-changer. Goodbye, coffee grinds all over the kitchen counter. Hello, cafe variety at your fingertips. Soon, you’ll be feeling better inside and looking forward to getting up in the mornings.

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  1. I know that you’re right. I have a keureg (?? Is that how it’s spelled?? Idk. Lol), sitting in my front porch. It belonged to my brother who has passed away very recently. I’m just having problems with using his stuff; I want to keep it forever in the same condition its in now….

  2. I recently gave up my Keurig for a Ninja and so far I am not happy :(. I can’t find a coffee that I like and the Ninja filter holder fills up with water and doesn’t continue to brew. I miss my Keurig! Thanks for the link to all the different Keurig’s. I think I like the one that does the latte’s and cappuccino’s. I will have to look into that one further 🙂

  3. In honor of this I just pulled myself a shot of espresso from my spanking brand new hot red Illy espresso machine! Cheers!

  4. I’m sure its excellent advice but quietly grinding the beans and making coffee in the old fashioned way has a certain ceremony to it; and the coffee tastes wonderful!

  5. We swear to moccamaster and are using freshly ground beans. Best coffee I ever tasted. But maybe that’s a European thing, i think it is manufactured in the Netherlands.

  6. We have a fancy machine for cappuccinos. My husband’s toy. I’m not much of a regular coffee drinker but I do like a good cappuccino 😁

  7. Great post and you’d be happy to know that I nomimated you for the liebster awatd check ou my blog for more information. xx

  8. Beautiful description for coffee!
    I love my single-cup coffee maker. It’s convenient for everyday use. Besides in addition to a regular coffee I can get a tasty Espresso or Latte Macchiato. Though I also have a French press in the kitchen cabinet for the Weekends 🙂

  9. I don’t drink coffee but just love tea, hot chocolate and etc… My sister got me a Keurig and I just love it. Keep your old coffee pot because you never know when you’ll need it.

  10. Hi! I have a single -cup coffee maker and it is wonderful! My husband does not usually like to drink coffee in the mornings so it is nice to have a single serving option! Happy blogging!

  11. Hi Ula:

    Great post and I do agree with the single cup brewing process. Mine is a Keurig with all the bells and whistles. The only draw back was the leftover k-cups. They have been replaced with the reusable type. This way I can enjoy my coffee and not be concerned with contributing to the ever growing pile of plastic.
    I still say the best coffee a person can have is campfire coffee. I guess that carbon dates me a little.

    Hugs from Canada

  12. I must admit, drinking coffee when I was younger just wasn’t such a life-changing process. 😉 Now I only drink it occasionally, and usually only in cold weather. But I do love an iced-coffee with almond milk and one shot of caramel, no sugar. I just discovered that this summer. I agree with the above comment about campfire coffee, or perked coffee from days gone by. There was just something about that aroma in the air. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the follow. I’ll be doing the same here. Have a great day!

  13. I myself use either a Moka Pot for Espresso. A ceramic pour over or Perculator. I stopped with Electric Coffee makers after Hurricane Sandy. Now mother nature cant take it from me HA! The morning procedure is tedious but it helps me get my bearings in place.

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