My favorite holiday and a happy spring feeling

Who doesn’t like the time when everything wakes up and and comes to life? I even remember the times when I heard and believed that people mostly fall in love in spring and there I was hoping that maybe in this season, I’ll meet someone special…, but here I am – celebrating Easter and welcoming spring with the love of my life! ❤☺ (And no, we didn’t meet and fall in love in spring, but in winter ☺.)

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Easter is my favorite holiday (yes, I like it more than Christmas, sorry) ☺. I was very happy to make it as a low-key and simple celebration with my hubby. We had decided to have breakfast in our bed on the lap desk from Songmics. Most of the things we ate, we had prepared a day before so that we don’t have to do it with our eyes barely opened ☺.

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After lunch, we were enjoying the dessert I made, which came out to be the most delicious dessert my love has ever had in his life so I was very pleased with that ☺.

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Our chicks were there too 😆

All in all, Easter this year was super sweet and for sure, unforgettable ☺.

Spring in Canada came pretty late this year, because actually now – at the end of April, it has started to be really pleasant outside. On one of these nice days, my hubby and I went on a short road trip, but since we left pretty early, we prepared smoothies in our new travel mugs from Love is forever store with some wheatgrass to have lots of energy for the rest of our fun day.

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Our mugs

I always enjoy our short walks we take on Sundays. I really like to dress up for them for my hubby and one time I wore my new dress from Graceful Apparel. I’m a fan of maxi dresses and since I’m pretty tall, they work well for me. The prints on it remind me of my mom 💙, which I’m very content with! ☺

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My dress – it’s under $45! ☺

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Speaking of the clothes, I really wanted to clean my wardrobe and make it ready for spring and summer. My sweet hubby helped me a lot with it so it wasn’t actually a boring job to do, but a nice and very funny time to spend together, doing something very useful. After we were done with it, I was so happy that I, of course, started dancing 😃.

I hope you all have a happy and sunny spring, not only outside, but in your hearts as well! ☺🌸

“Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.”

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  1. Wow nice entry Ulla , enjoy wedlock time and remembering the best is come to yet… all the best 😉😉😉👍👍👍

  2. Spring is having trouble getting started down here in the US as well, we did have some sunny days but not many yet.
    Nice article, have a super wonderful day.

  3. Spring is very close to my heart! Nature becomes so colorful! Especially the spring in India is a treat for the eyes! We even have a festival for it. Have visited India? Do visit in Spring! You will fall in love if you visit the eastern region and Bengal specially!❤😊

  4. Thank you for wishing us a nice spring and we hope it’ll be a cheerful spring to you too! 🙂 and you look beautiful!

    1. “Hi, beautiful! I love your blog and I always follow you on instagram. although I know little of English language, I love your posts. Kisses” – ☺ thank you so much!!!! 🌹💞

  5. Looks like you had fun. and I must all photos are so beautiful and what a lovely dress.

  6. Hello Ula, your blog story, has sucha warm feeling to it! I do think it’s true, when you build a great relationship like this, and share the same interests, as you and husband do, marriage is an open door to a life time of joys spent together – the best is in deed yet to come! 😉

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