3 Things More Important Than Money

We’ve all heard the saying that money doesn’t buy happiness, but is there any truth to it? According to a study, having lots of money doesn’t translate to happiness or satisfaction. In the research, it was found that people who had a high income were not much happier than someone with a low income. It was also found that happiness based on how much money you make doesn’t last because having access to the finer things in life can cause feelings of dissatisfaction to develop in the people around you. Eventually, you become stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to outdo everyone else, which is not a healthy way to live. Everyone tries to buy happiness, but the truth is, there are more important things in life that can give you joy. Here are 3 things that are more important than money.

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In many parts of the world, people as young as 18 can have access to loans and instant money as seen in this Finnish example. However, experiencing life and its delights can give you more happiness than anything money can buy. A majority of Canadians believe this as a survey has shown that 49% of Canadians said that experiences are more important than possessions. Running a marathon, climbing a mountain, and kissing someone you love is just some of the best parts of being alive, and remembering these things can add to your joy every time you stop and look back at these experiences.

Your passions

What drives you to wake up in the morning ready to take on the day? What makes you feel excited and satisfied? Whether it’s your passion for music, art, crafting, playing the guitar, or your love of Harry Potter anything, your passions and interests sets you apart from the crowd but also allows you to connect with like-minded people. Having a sense of self and being able to make a connection can bring you happiness that can’t be bought with a swipe of a credit card.

Family and friends

If you ask most people around the world, they’ll often say that their family and friends are more important than money. Having someone to share your joys and sorrows and having a dependable support system is priceless. Oftentimes, we forget how precious our loved ones are until they’re gone. So have time for your family and friends, you’re guaranteed to get happy just being around them.
Money can make life more comfortable, and it can certainly help to have some when the going gets tough. But earning money should not be the main reason for our existence. Keep in mind these 3 things are more important than money or material things, and cherish them as your experiences, passions, and loved ones can never be replaced by anything that money can buy.

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  1. Thanks for this timely post. My life is in transition right now. I’m leaving a good paying job that I’ve been with for the past 13 years to go to a lesser paid job but offers great benefits and flexible working hours so that I can spend time with my kids and aging parents. You cannot put a price on family…it trumps all.

  2. Lots of things more important money, you can have lots of greebacks and being a sad man, a blank soul … enjoy your experiences more than money.

  3. Yes, indeed. This is borne out by the African or South American villager who is puzzled by the scowl on the face of an American hipster, who can’t charter a plane back home, at the snap of his fingers. The villager wants only what he has.

  4. Money gives you the freedom. The choices otherwise not available. To be able to experience anything you need to be free of worry about your debts. So a certain amount of money is always required before we can focus on stuff that require no money. I feel 🙂

  5. I can’t agree more on this … money is important for a better living but there sure are things/ experiences that money can’t buy …. 👍

  6. Being a public spirited kind of guy, I am willing to receive everyone’s money so that you can all enjoy your lives (only kidding).

    More seriously, people do concentrate too much on money and end up letting the blessings in your life pass you by, such as your loved ones.

    There are many people in the world who don’t have a choice but to worry about money just to survive, so, these words in this post are so wise. Thanks Ula.

  7. Money is an enabler, not the goal. Money is neither good nor bad, what you do or don’t do with it is what makes it good or bad–which is a reflection of you.

  8. I agree. There are far more important things than Money. Friends, family, activities. Plus, money cant buy you in love. Money is one thing, but there are more important things than cash and coins. Totally agree with you on this post!

  9. Thanks for the post! It never enough to remember us about very important things in life, sorry for my terrible english, but I agree your ideas.

  10. the more our money the greater the cost of spending. the need will be more and more as well. but the more friends then the sustenance will be more smoothly. 😊
    thank you simple Ula ..

  11. Hi Ula, lovely post! It’s definitely true. I’ve learned that I prefer to set money aside for travels instead of investing in materialistic things. I find that going on vacation, getting away from everything helps me cope with the daily things. And indeed experience does allow you to see things in perspective and helps you to stay anchored in certain situations… xoxo Sarah

  12. You are right on the money and it is really more so when you lose parts of your family and know I focus everything on my high functioning autistic son to assure the rest of his life i s a real life filled with real people that truly care for him.. B-E-A-Utiful post!

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