It’s beginning of 2018 with great memories of 2017

I hope that all of you had a great Christmas and have entered this 2018 with a very positive attitude, ready for only good things to happen! ☺

For me this Christmas was wonderful, certainly one of the best ones! ☺

My husband and I started Christmas Eve with Bruce Springsteen song “Merry Christmas Baby” and my love surprised me with taking me to dance to it 😍.

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For our Christmas Eve dinner we had sirloin tip roast from TruLocal (we highly recommend them!) with sweet potatoes and kale, pierogies with porcini mushrooms (I talked about here) and cabbage rolls with chicken and millet groats. Everything was so yummy and made it all by ourselves that our bellies were very happy and full ☺.

2018-01-03 04.29.22 2.jpg
TruLocal – highly and truly recommend ☺

Even though I’m 29, I couldn’t wait to open our gifts. When that happened I was very happy with the books my hubby got for me 😃. Not only books I was happy with, but the whole story behind them 😍. My love was very thoughtful and it was very sweet of him! ❤

I got my husband a leather wallet from one of his favorite brands, but I also put our wedding picture inside which was a cute surprise for him ☺.

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I also liked a lot that Christmas Day we started with breakfast in bed and some relaxing time, it was very lovely! ☺

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I still cannot believe that 2017 is done and gone. It was such an amazing year for me, because as you all know I got engaged and got married this year so it’ll be always very memorable year for my husband and I ❤☺, but I’m very happy to see what 2018 will bring… ☺.


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I don’t have any resolutions for this new year, because I always think that we can change anything we want every day (no need to wait for the new year). However, my husband had this amazing idea to write the lists for each other with the things that we would like the other person to change, we talked about them and we write them on our phones as the everyday reminders to become even better spouses for each other in this new year 2018 ☺.

So we spent hours trying to come up with the perfect message and do you want to know what we came up with, finally?! Here it goes: Happy New Year!!! 😄🎊🎆 / A więc spędziliśmy parę godzin, aby napisać najlepsze życzenia, czy chcecie wiedzieć co w końcu wymyśliśmy?! Brzmią one następująco: Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!!! 😄🎊🎆 ☆ ☆ #simpleula #wordpress #polskablogerka #blogerka #canadianblogger #torontoblogger #blogger #blog #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #healthyblogger #organic #bblogger #beautyblogger #travelblogger #wordpressblog #husbandandwife #marriedcouple #fiercemarriage #beating50percent #igerscanada #happynewyear #love #inlove #mcm #twoasone #marriedlife #beauty #happywifehappylife

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97 thoughts on “It’s beginning of 2018 with great memories of 2017

  1. Sometimes it is better to take the days as they are! I think we can assign goals during the year. At the beginning of the year sometimes we assign goals and after that we forget them. Happy New Year!

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  2. I love your philosophy that we can change anything we put our minds to and don’t need a new year to start before we make changes.
    That is very true and wise for we have the power to change our circumstances and the sooner we realize and action that the happier our lives can become.
    Best wishes to you and your husband for 2018 and beyond. 🙂

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  3. Lovely!! Wish you both a very happy new year! Talking about resolutions, I made it a point not to make one and not stick to it. Rather, take baby steps and complete it, before making a comprehensive list.

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  4. You can’t get better than Bruce Springsteen. The boss is a poet.!
    i love the lists you guys wrote for each other, it’s very thoughtful and relationships are all about compromise and making the other person happy; only then does true happiness shine
    mel x

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