Are You Finding It Hard To Turn Your Life Around?

Breaking routine

If you want to change your life around into something else, then you might have a hard time breaking out of your usual routine. You need to have the willpower and determination that it takes to get through it, and you really need to push yourself into things that you might not enjoy. The experience differs per individual and can be easier or harder depending on your current lifestyle. For some people, they need to make the change due to struggling, and others just need to improve their quality of life and follow what they enjoy.

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Get re-educated

It might seem strange to get back into education, but if it means you’ll get the chance to follow the career of your dreams, then why shouldn’t you? It’s never too late to revisit this opportunity, you just need to make sure you have the time and money to do so. It’s easier to work around if you don’t have the time, as there are online courses you can take to be more flexible. Either way, going to a university at any age might be the right step for you. You can get yourself something like graduate degree leadership, or look for something else that piques your interest. It will be hard work to get your life the way you want it, but you can’t know what you want to do until you’ve experienced life for yourself.

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Cut out habits

Usually, with routine changes, habit changes should come too. If you want to truly turn your life around for the better, it’s best to go all the way. This would mean things like cutting out food, smoking, drinking or any other unhealthy indulgements. Making this your goal can help you feel better about yourself in no-time, as it gives you something new to focus on and a sense of achievement. Showing that you can stick to this, and properly cut out poor habits shows that you can do anything, as it can take an incredible amount of mental strength to change what you enjoy. You have to want it!

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Be more sociable

It might feel difficult to get out there and meet people, but there’s no shortage of group activities where you’ll have to talk to and work with others! Challenge yourself and try something you wouldn’t usually do. Having these new experiences can bring you a lot of new skills that you weren’t aware of. For one, you can become better in communication and problem solving, which is a great asset for moving up in life! Having a more social background can prove for a more positive outlook on life, as you learn to absorb others emotions and understand different perspectives and views, which you can never get enough of!

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One of the main steps to turning your life around is trying to take the healthy route for yourself. Giving up junk food, and beginning exercise regularly can help you work on that motivation and strength that you’ll need to pull yourself closer to your goals. It’s important that you make your goals achievable though, as it can be very discouraging to put in a lot of work without rewarding yourself somewhere along the way.

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96 thoughts on “Are You Finding It Hard To Turn Your Life Around?

  1. This is really great advice! The first one “breaking routine” it’s definitely essential as it’s so easy to get caught up on our habits, getting stuck on our own self-created hamster wheel.
    Reminds of a favorite quote by Tuli Kufenberg I try to remind myself of often to not get too stagnant with routines; “when patterns change new worlds emerge.”
    I’ve really got to take the advice about getting re educated too; the last time I took some college classes (6 years ago,) even though it was just two classes a semester for a year, it was such a needed boost for having different perspectives and learning new tools, and it really helped the personal training, as well as making you feel like you’re working towards something really positive with your own self improvement, and doing that also helps automatically with the suggestion of being more social, because the individual is automatically going to be around people they’re not usually around as well and doing a lot of things they probably wouldn’t otherwise do.
    Great info, going to read this a few times over and use it as a mantra for motivational fuel to effect change! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Good advice, especially changing routines but can be very hard to follow through with – something I struggle with for sure!
    I have found that a staggered approach if there are several routines that I need to change and focus on one before going onto the next. Also replacing one routine with a new one seems to help – turning off the phone and picking up a book etc!
    Thanks for your motivation!

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  3. Here’s a simple change everyone can make regarding how they can change up their home and routine. Try sitting in a different chair than your favorite spot, working from a different table. Desk to eating table once in awhile. Rearrange furniture to take advantage of a window view while working. Move a lamp and enjoy using it. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our surrounds and it is not always motivational. So many times we suggest re styling a clients Hume before any renovations. The changes can be amazing. -Laurel

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  4. Yes routines can definitely be difficult to break. A few years back I made sure to include a workout routine in my daily regimen. Used every excuse in the book before. Glad I got over that hurdle 🙂👍🏾 thanks for reminding!

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  5. Great advice. I think you are the first person with a list that includes increasing education – good for you. Some may balk at the notion of getting more education, but it truly does open the mind and spirit. Good for you 🙂

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  6. Great post bub, the point about being more sociable is definitely my goal this year…I can be a bit of a recluse sometimes but I’m working on that. Hope you have a great year 🙂 x

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  7. This year I created a list of all the short and long term goals I hope to accomplish. Setting realist dates, and a strategy to execute my goals. Thank you so much for sharing, I love learning new ways to improve; while targeting every area of my life ! Happy New Year, & thanks for connecting ☺

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  8. DramaSportsLifeandWriting

    This was a great post to read. I can understand, it’s never too late to turn your life around. When you’ve done terrible things in life, but I learnt that I wasn’t too late to turn my life around and try out new things to make people see me as a better person! May 2018 be a lovely year for you!

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  9. I enjoyed this post and totally agree with all your aspects. The Get re-educated section actually inspired me because your words are so true and it kinda did something to my brain – like telling me to get my ass up at some point because it’s never to late! Thank you! xx

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  11. This is a great post. I find it amazing how we as human beings want things to change in our lives but never take the time to do it. For me, I have simple things I want to accomplish like graduating this community college and go for my bachelor’s degree.

    I also wanted to take this time and thank you for following my blog. I don’t know what it was that made you want to follow; but it’s humbling to see what God is doing through my blog and in other people’s lives.

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