Don’t Take These Things For Granted

Today, I’m getting very personal sharing my story that happened when I was 11 years old. I would love to take a minute and help you notice that there are things that we have each and every day to be grateful for.

We Are Lucky

First of all, how lucky you and I are to be living in this beautiful world?! 🙂 You have the ability to see all the beautiful surroundings. You can smell the tulips that will show up in spring. You still remember the taste of your mom’s favorite dish. You can hear when a person gives you a compliment. Last, but not least, you can hug a person you love and hold them tight.

It may seem that there’s nothing special about all of these senses, because everyone can have them (most of us). I’m telling you though, it is something to be very appreciative.

My Story

In 1999, when I was in primary school, I was playing with other kids on a long break in the school playground. Unfortunately, some of the boys and girls from my class came up with an idea to throw rocks at each other. I wasn’t playing with them, but I was close, too close.

It happened in a second when someone screamed so loud that I turned to see what was going on. At the same time, the rock hit my left eye.

As usual, I was saying, it’s ok and I’ll be ok. Nevertheless, my friends insisted on going to the school nurse. Being young and innocent, I had no idea what’s going on. My parents came to school and I’ll never forget my dad opening the door so rapidly and having tears in his eyes. My dad used to be an ambulance driver so he knows a little about medical emergencies. When I saw him like that, I knew that it’s not good. My mom hugged me so tight with (also) tears in her eyes.

I thought that I’ll go back to my class and everything will be normal. After a couple of minutes, I found out that I’ll be going to the hospital. I had never been to the hospital before, so I was terrified and asking my mom not to take me there.

I went to the hospital and doctors along with my parents were afraid that I won’t be able to see with, at least, this one eye. Just to be clear, they didn’t tell me that back then. Doctors were telling me to move as little as possible, because every move can affect both of my eyes, not only one. There were days I could barely see with both of my eyes. I’ll never forget this feeling. The nurses were using eyepatches to cover my eye so they will have strength to heal. It was very scary, but I was always full of hope and belief. Even though my parents and siblings seemed sad and afraid, I was doing what the doctors and my dad instructed me to do, which was reducing the movement. I remember when I overheard the conversation that my parents had with doctors and nurses outside the room that I’m like an angel – not moving at all, just lying on the bed.

Happy Ending

After over a week, I got out of the hospital with the ability to see. I had a bruise on my sclera for about a year and I couldn’t lift heavy things. Other than that, everything was ok. Everything was perfect.

When I am in a bad situation, I always believe that God is with me and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I’m so thankful and grateful each and every day that I’m healthy and I can see. It might sound trivial, but it means so much to me and that’s why in my bio on my Instagram @simple_ula, you can always see “grateful girl” :).

simple Ula


You might not have a dream job (yet), you might not have a dream house (yet), but you can see, smell, touch, taste and hear.

Start tomorrow with a big smile on your face, because you’re worth it! 🙂

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  1. Great, I can relate to this too but in a different way, I’m still grateful that I can talk, because when I was little, I missed a step and fell in such a way that my tongue got cut, I can’t remember the pains anymore but I’m grateful that it healed quickly and am talking and smiling😄…nice post

    1. Thank you so much and I’m very happy that you have a happy ending to your story, as well! ☺ 🌹

  2. We’re soooo grateful to actually have the internet. We can just connect across the globe with almost none effort . That is sooo amazing

  3. My father in law is missing an eye due to a similar accident at same age and circumstances. He managed and is now 80 years old, but is horribly preoccupied with not losing his sight and driving a car becomes increasingly difficult. God knows how my in-laws will manage when he isn’t able to drive anymore. We’re living at the other side of the world and my wife is their only child. They speak only Polish and I know for sure they aren’t able to relocate and a (Polish) nursing home is … out of the question.

      1. I’m afraid that this is a future issue that cannot be left to the divine powers to be. Very soon it will just be delivered at our doorstep. God provides only to those who take care. More creative input is always welcome.

  4. That was great, thanks for sharing that! We all too often do take things for granted that is so true, we need to be thankful every day for all God has given us! I’m glad it all turned out good for you.

    1. It was very scary even when I think about it now, but yes, everything end up well ☺🌼💕

  5. Ula, so glad that God gave you a wonderful outcome. Your father, mother and the hospital staff also helped. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

  6. True words! I lost the ability to walk for awhile, healing from a broken foot. Definitely makes you more grateful for a simple ability like walking! Glad you were ok in the end 😊

  7. Whew, thank goodness your eye healed!! So many dangers out there and when you’re young you don’t realize what could happen. Your story of ricks reminded me of when my friend was throwing rocks into a lake and I was stooping down to pick some rocks. When I stood up, one of her rocks hit the middle of my back. It knocked the wind out of me. Never want to experience a feeling like that again…
    Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. That’s so true, sometimes we don’t realize how bad things might end up, especially when we’re young. Thank you! ☺ 🌼

  8. You, are so . . . . . . . I have not the words that would give you justice. Your deep seated belief for God’s protection is what life is all about. I am not into womens fashion, but you are a perfect representative for presenting the products. Keep on with the efforts.

  9. You made me remember when I was little like 6 years old, I used to buy a bottle coca cola to a lady who worked in a tiny “kiosko” selling newspapers. After doing the favor she would gave me 2 candies. One day I went for her soda but when I grabbed the bottles they exploded instantly and the glass would be all over the floor and my legs were cut and all bloody. I remember the pharmacist being in the supermarket giving first aid and they were extremly careful as the realized that the glass almost touched my muscle… If it did I wouldn’t be able to walked propperly. After scans and rehab it was kind of a miracle me walking and running like any other kid. Sorry for my long little story but your story it really touched me and it is something you never forget ❤️

    1. Wow, you have a quite a story too… I’m very glad you’re ok, girl! ☺ 🌹 💕

  10. Appreciate the snake things in life. That’s when you’ll truly be contented. This really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing your story😊

      1. Omg im so sorry for the typo. Appreciate the simple things in life* My phone has a mind of it’s own. Not snake…simple.

  11. After reading about your experience I’m really revisiting all the complaining and ranting I do about the little and trivial things . We get so consumed with all the useless bickering that we fail to appreciate what we have ! Thank you for sharing your story , for it really gave me a thoughtful spin.

  12. So glad to hear that you made a full recovery! Isn’t it scary how one simple little thing can completely change our outlook on life? Glad to hear you still keep that in mind and to be grateful for each and everyday. It can be a challenge sometimes, but we do need to remember to be grateful for everything we have. God Bless! (Rocks are scary toys! Something similar happened to my cousin, he and his brother were throwing rocks at each other when my parents were building their house and he got hit right in the forehead. I will never forget all the blood and being scared half to death!)

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