What Is Earth Hour? Let’s All Do Our Part

About a week ago while I was doing some work, I was pleasantly distracted. I received a text from V asking me what I think about having a candlelight dinner this Saturday. Of course, I started thinking if we have any anniversary on that day or any special thing we can celebrate. Honestly, nothing came to my mind.

What Is Earth Hour?

It is not a public holiday, but an annual environmental campaign. This event brings attention to the effects of climate change. By turning the lights off for an hour at 8:30 pm (local time), it creates awareness of people taking responsibility towards a sustainable future.

Iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to Asia to the Americas have stood in darkness during previous Earth Hours. Sydney Harbour Bridge, the CN Tower in Toronto, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Romeโ€™s Colosseum and many more.

Mystery Solved

I’m not sure what year I’ve found out about this event, but it’s been a few years now. (Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia, in 2007.)

Last year, on that day I told my husband about it for the first time. I turned off all the lights and TV and didn’t let him turn on anything until the hour passed. He wasn’t too happy about it.
This year, I admit I had no idea when it is till my hubby explained to me that he wants to have a candlelight dinner, because of the Earth Hour! ๐Ÿ™‚

When I asked V what changed, he said that he wants to do it this year, because of his wife ๐Ÿ™‚ (awww). “Let us do our part in saving the planet together” – I loved seeing it from him!

When And Why?

Do not get me wrong, V is very conscious about using electricity or plastic (sometimes even more than me). We’re both always trying to do our best to save our environment, not for us, but for our future generations.

It doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t harm you to turn off the lights for an hour this Saturday, March 30th. Join us and have a candlelight dinner with your significant other or a candle-lit bath (that’s what I was doing when I was single).

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46 thoughts

    1. My pleasure! I’m happy that more and more people will know about it โ˜บ๐ŸŒบ

  1. Nice gesture, only a bit ambitious, and entirely practical.

    Actually, I rather enjoy the unique ambiance of โ€œlights out,โ€ making it not much of a sacrifice on my part. No fair, right?

    1. Yay! That’s amazing! Have a great Earth Hour tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒธ

  2. Think its a very good idea for awareness, not jsut for one hour but in everything we do. Everyone of us in the free world has a responsibility to do what we can.

    If everyone bought one less plastic product that would significant reduce the impact on the planet.

  3. I celebrate every year! Such a small thing we can all do to contribute. Well, I intended to this year but just had a baby and completely got sidetracked but Ill make it up at some.point!

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