Expect Better Than You Can Imagine

I’m sitting in front of my laptop, responding to some e-mails. I’m also listening to some music, but this time I went for some old tracks I’ve been playing a pretty long time ago.

After I came back home from work, I used to make myself a cup of tea on a very rainy evening and sit close to the window…

I cannot believe that tears are falling down my face right now.

It is all because I’ve started thinking where I was five years ago. when I was listening to the same songs.

(When I’m saying where I was, I don’t mean the place itself.)

Dream Big

Everyone will tell you “dream big”, but I think I’m not the only one that didn’t believe that it will seriously come true one day. I mean, yes, you do believe. Yes, you want this, but at the end of the day, the doubts are on your mind.

That was me a couple of years ago.

Is it wrong to dream big? Absolutely not, but it is wrong to have doubts.

Everything is possible and I mean it, everything! There is enough oxygen and there are enough opportunities for each one of us in this world.

If you see something in your mind, it means that it is possible.

Whatever situation you are and whatever dreams you have right now, don’t ever have doubts, but truly believe that it’s going to happen for YOU.

Voices In Our Heads

There are people whose voices from the past are very loud in our subconscious that they effect how we act on a daily basis. Whether it is someone from your family or a friend from school, you need to forgive yourself for listening to these voices.

I want to tell you about this great method, I’ve heard of some time ago. It is not about ego or narcissism, but reminding yourself that you are good enough.

Start focusing on one thing that you like about yourself and focus on this over and over and over again. Grab a piece of paper and write this one thing. It can be that someone smiles when they smell the food you cook or you walk nicely into the room. Anything. The next day, write one more, then two, then three and read this list every day.

After some time, you don’t need the list anymore. It is because the next time when someone says something bad about you, your voice will be louder and you’ll remember those things from the list.

Don’t let others bring you down.

Live Your Life

We have only one life so let’s make the best out of it and embrace it! If you don’t live in your dream yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Stay positive and act on it, as I wrote here. Do whatever makes you happy and be happy about it.

I know it sounds simple and it’s not easy, but you can do it!

Was I ever thinking that I’ll be happily married, wearing a dress like that and sitting in a hotel in downtown Toronto? No freaking way! I did hope, though, that one day I’ll be married to a man like my husband and I will be doing what I love (writing this for you).

My point is: imagine, believe, receive :).

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  1. être soit même et vivre sa vie, pas être ce qu l’on veux que l’on soit et ne pas vivre la vie qui l’on veux pour vous bien résumer dans cet article amicalement bonne journée

  2. So happy for you Ula. You and your husband look adorable together. You can see that love is in the air. 😘😘😘

  3. I needed to read this today ♥️ Thank you! I’ve been over thinking every little movement I’m making thinking will this be good or will this be bad instead of just jumping on something and giving it my all. Like you said it’s all those voices form people. Thanks ♥️

    1. Aww that’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you! Go for it, girl and believe that everything will be ok…better than ok! ☺ 💕 ☺

  4. Hey Ula! SO happy to hear you’ve come such a long way! I was struggling for such along time with the same things you described here! I will definitely try out your list! I personally started a Bullet Journal and I wrote about it on my blog, too. You might want to check it out as well 🙂 It’s great for motivation and self care

      1. Thanks! It’s been great for my confidence!☺️ Keep it up. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the critics, but the world belongs to the brave🚀

  5. Looking beautiful in that Dress Ula! So Glam! I can absolutely relate with the loud doubting voices in my head. Looking for the source of hearing those has been and still is part of the healing process… xoxo Sarah

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Stay strong, girl and don’t let the voices get to you ☺🌸

  6. Inspiring. You’ve reminded us to keep striving, despite, or even because of, current challenges. I agree that many “voices” are harmful, but others (like yours) encourage as and, even in the darkest moments, keep the heart beating.

  7. Our life flows based on how we approach towards life. If we approach life in a positive manner, our life will be successful..if we approach life in negative manner our life will be failure

  8. Very cool! Love it. I have a pile of journals with positive affirmations in it(training the mind). Great job with dreaming BIG! Keep it going.

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