Skincare Tips To Help You Survive The Hotter Months

As the hotter month approach, we ditch the many layers we usually wear and opt for light, breathable fabrics baring our silky smooth legs and whipping out the sunnies to protect our eyes from Miss Sunshine’s rays. Our skin is vulnerable, and it’s the largest organ when it comes to the body, so we need to protect it. Whatever skin type you have, whether it’s normal, dry, sensitive or oily, you should be looking after your skin throughout the spring and summer regardless. So here are some skin care tips to stick by to keep your skin looking the best it can be.

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Keep It Hydrated

Over the warmer months, a lot of us will be outside enjoying the sunshine. Our social calendar may rocket as every family member and friend starts throwing a BBQ to use as the perfect excuse to drink, be merry and bask in the sunshine. However, we often forget that spending all this time in the great outdoors can be dehydrating. It’s easy enough to replace water with other liquid alternatives, perhaps a cocktail or two. However, wherever you go, you should always be carrying with you a bottle of water. You never know when you might need it, and it’s ideal to keep in your bag should you find yourself on the move, with no quick access to a water fountain or tap. Try and drink the recommended amount of water per day (1.5 litres) and always increase this on hotter days, when you’ve been to the gym and when you’ve been drinking. Hydration is also great for the skin, and as our cells are made up of water, without it, you give yourself a greater chance of drying out your skin and allowing ageing to occur quicker.

There are plenty of apps too. My Water Balance, for example, can help monitor how much water you should be drinking per day. This is based on the personal details you give, and the percentage increases the more you drink. Everyone loves motivation, so an app like this is great for staying on track. You simply input the drinks you have and it’ll give you reminders to help you drink more water.

Having A Good Skincare Routine

A good skin care routine should be something everyone has regardless of gender or age. We all have skin, and we all need to look after it no matter what. It starts with the products you use to help your skin glow from the outside. You should be using a product with SPF in to help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. This can be in your daily moisturizer or even in your primer and foundation. You want the SPF to be around 15-20, to give yourself ample coverage throughout the day. On particularly hotter days, it’s advised to top up on sunscreen every couple of hours. A day and night cream is always advised to help your skin retain its moisture and to aid its repair and recovery while you sleep. Use an exfoliating scrub or mask every few days to wash off any build up of dirt and take advantage of oils as they’re great for water retention in the skin.

For makeup, try wearing a BB or CC cream as an alternative to foundation. It’s lighter, and less suffocating on the skin, which can be a problem when it’s hot as excess sweat and makeup can end up clogging your pores. Keep heavy foundation to a minimum if using it and perhaps carry some setting spray to help hydrate the skin at regular intervals. A setting spray will also help keep your makeup on, so it’s a win-win situation. You should try and avoid wearing as little makeup as possible during the summer. You’ll hopefully get a natural tan and glow anyway!

Get Wise With Your Wardrobe

When it comes to the summer wardrobe, it’s important to have a few essentials to keep your skin protected. A hat is great on days when the sun is prominent for most of the day. If you find yourself working outside or commuting heavily during the day, wear a hat to protect your head. Even with a full head of hair, you risk your chances of getting sunburnt, and a sunburnt head is not nice. You can also get hair sprays that protect your hair and scalp too. Something like The Ritual Of Karma is a great sun protection spray that you can use while on the go to give your hair the protection it needs too.

Sunglasses should be worn when it’s sunny obviously. It not only helps prevent you from being blinded by the sun but it also protects the skin around your eyes that’s vulnerable to ageing. Buy sunglasses that frame your face but also cover your eyes properly. You want lenses that are thick enough to reflect the sunlight off your eyes so that you’re neither straining nor causing any further damage to your eyesight.

If you’re spending some time around the pool, make sure you have a kimono or beach shirt to help cover up if you’re simply dipping your feet in the water.

Must-Haves For The Handbag

There are a few must-haves that you should drop into your handbag when it starts getting warmer. These will help you keep your skin feeling fresh and protected on-the-go, so if you have a busy lifestyle, then these will definitely be helpful to you.

Blotting Paper – No it’s not something you use in art, blotting paper is good for clearing up our good friend, sweat. It’s going to be pretty much expected that with hot weather comes a reasonable amount of sweat. Some of us are fortunate to get a slight glistening across the forehead where others will get full-on upper lip sweat. The blotting paper helps to tackle this excess oil and regulates shine without having to layer your skin with setting powders. Most of them won’t disrupt your makeup too, so it’s the perfect solution rather than rubbing it off with your hand.

Facial Mist – Facial mists are perfect for adding that extra hydration for when you have dry skin on your face, or it’s slightly burning from the sun. There’s nothing better than a cooling spritz of Thermal Spring Water, one by La Roche-Posay which is highly recommended. These are usually perfectly fine for any skin type but be warned, once you start spraying, you’ll find you get through a can very quickly.

Lip Balm – Lip balms are a beauty product that many of us are likely to have in our makeup bags and draws in abundance. We often get them gifted as a mini present at Christmas or on birthdays and usually come in every gift set around. But never underestimate a lip balm because it helps keep your lips moisturized. Try getting one again with an SPF in it. Your moisturizer will soon be wiped off from just using a daily moisturizer, so it’s good to have this lip balm on your person so you can top it up every so often.

We all want to keep our skin looking it’s best, so it’s good to pay attention to it from as early on as possible. Prevention is much better than cure, and although we can’t prevent the inevitable, we can take these skincare tips on board to help protect the skin throughout these hot month. So go out and have fun, knowing your skin looks and feels it’s best.

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