Spring Has Sprung

March passed, April is here and it means that everything is awakening to life. I cannot wait to see some beautiful flowers and trees to flourish. I’m also looking forward to Easter and already planning all the dishes I could make this year. Lots of exciting things.

I’ve already started doing some spring cleaning and I am very happy about decluttering. Sometimes it is so hard to get rid of things that were with you for so long. At the same time, it is so good once the space is so much cleaner and not filled will all the unnecessary stuff.

Decluttering Clothes

Thanks to V it is so much easier for me to get rid of some of my clothes. They are there not because I wear them, but because they bring back some nice memories. Do you feel me? 🙂

Like a shirt I’ve purchased just before I came to Canada. I don’t wear it anymore, but the meaning… Anyway, I know it’s high time to let go and if the hesitation comes to my mind, V steps up. Like I said before, it is a great feeling afterwards seeing way more space in your wardrobe and walk-in closet.

New Season, New Wardrobe

At the beginning of spring, I always put away all my winter clothes and accessories to make space for the new and colorful spring ones. That being said, all my spring and summer dresses are now ready to rock :).

You might remember from this post my Calla dress from Henkaa which you can wear many ways. I’m so excited to share with you my new Sakura Maxi Convertible dress. You can wear it in 21 different ways not only as a dress, but also as a skirt.

Accessories Are My Thing

As you probably already know, I love jewelry and finding new very meaningful pieces is very satisfying. Owners of Hazel’s Unique have this simple appreciation for nature, quality, and things that are unique and different. Therefore their earrings spoke to me.

They have so many cute earrings which will make a nice Mother’s Day gift. Yes, we need to start thinking about this holiday, as well.

My advice to you this spring is to let go and make space for new things and new memories.

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  1. Inspiring how you express spring’s rejuvenation. Nice post! All the seasons (yes, even winter) offer unique attractions, but spring warms our senses to awakened possibilities. The increased sunshine is a natural boost to our optimism and energy.

  2. Everything awakening in the life. “Spring is coming” all İstanbul says that these days because of Opposition won after 25 years🙈🙈

  3. i love the dress! love the earrings too..though i am more of a watch person than jewellery but its always fun to accessorise sometimes…hope you dont find it too tough to get rid of the stuff:)

    1. Thank you and I always wear a watch, as well 😃. It’s a good feeling at the end of the day ☺🌹

      1. If you’re fond of watches, do read my blog on Baselworld. I’m sure you would enjoy it. It really was a watch lover’s paradise!

      1. In Polish there are different ways of saying your name and that’s one way of saying mine ☺🌺

  4. Nice post. I live in Florida so we don’t do the big wardrobe switch. I always have shorts and capris on the ready. I do choose darker colors in the winter and wear jeans more, but since summer pokes its head out all year long, that’s the way we do things here.

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