Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Hair: 4 Tips for Beating Wet Weather

Rainy days might be nice and calming in some way. And there is a special pleasure for curling under a soft blanket on a rainy morning or enjoying the warmth of a cup of tea during a thunderstorm. However, one thing that is never nice to deal with on those wet days is the dreaded frizz. However, humidity inevitably makes your hair frizzy and it ensures that you need to use special tricks and products in order to keep your locks styled the way you want them to. Note that in such weather, you also need to put in a lot of effort in making your hairstyle “durable” because the wetness can ruin your look fast.

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4 Tips for Making Your Hair Look Great in Wet Weather

1. Use The Right Products

You need to have a specialized set of styling products for a rainy day so you are always able to deal with the frizz. Note that you might need to use them not only when the humidity level rises. Frizzing might be caused by your locks getting too dry and damaged. For example, bleached hair often becomes frizzy and so do locks that go that get the perm treatment.

There are two essential types of products you will need to get through the rainy days with great hair. First you’ll need to prep your locks with specialized anti-frizz primer. It will seal the cuticles and help keep your locks from fluffing up all over the place. Then, proceed with your styling as usual and then fix your hair so it sticks, click here to learn which products will help. The “sticking” part is quite literal as lightweight hair gel will be the best finish to use on a rainy day.

But bear in mind that regardless of how good your styling products are, they won’t make your hairstyle last if your locks actually get wet. This means that you shouldn’t consider a top-grade gel a leave to go out under the rain without any cover. If you plan to do this, forego the styling altogether and simply wash your locks properly when you get back inside.

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2. Blow Dry Hard And Fast If Caught By The Rain

If rain catches you unawares and you still have a few important meetings to go to, your first priority should be to blow dry your hair as fast as possible. The faster you manage to get your tresses dry, the less frizz they will develop. In case you have no access to a hair dryer or a conveniently placed blow dry bar right next to your office, you should use the hand dryer.

You’ll need to run the dryer you use really hot in order to dry your tresses fast. Then, you’ll need to let your locks cool completely before you try to style them in any way or go back out into the rain.

3. Do Not Brush

Another thing you need to know in case you get caught out by the rain and try to fix your hair after is that brushing is off limits. You should work out any knots or kinks using your fingers.

The one good thing that might come out of this situation is that if your locks are naturally curly, the curls will look amazing due to the porous hairs soaking up moisture from the air. However, if you try to brush your locks, even after they dry, not only will the curls be ruined. Your hair as a whole will become frizzy and unruly.

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4. Braid, braid, braid!

If your hair is long enough to braid, do it on the days when fighting the frizz is inevitable. This is the best type of hairstyle that can help you avoid the problem completely.

However, be sure to make your braids tight and sleek, even if your preferred style is “messy”. Add a thin layer of hairspray once you are done to keep any potential frizz down. Note that you should make your braids even tighter if you have curly hair.

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Other good hairstyles for wet weather include buns and different variations of the simple Gibson tuck. These styles will work for those who have naturally straight and sleek long hair. They will also require a small amount of styling product to stay in place.

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  1. Another reason I love my short hair! Between the curls and humility I could have used this info when my hair was cascading down my back–or frizzing out like a balloon depending on the day…and the weather.

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