Clean Beauty: My Favorites Of Second Trimester of 2019

I cannot believe that the half of 2019 has already passed. Time goes by so fast. I do remember though that when I was a little girl, it was going slower, sometimes too slow :).

That being said, it is time for some clean beauty products I currently use that are my favorites of the second trimester of 2019! 🙂

Zuii Organic: Certified Organic Foundation Primer

Zuii Organic is a brand that I’ve discovered recently. I really love that they offer organic beauty products, which I actually really like so far.

This primer is something I wear every day, whether I decide to put makeup on or not. It beautifully evens out and nourishes my skin. It also calms inflammation, control shine and minimize pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Zuii Organic: Certified Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is something I use mostly in summer. This Flora Ultra Foundation from Zuii gives you glowing, skin-like finish. I also really like that the product gradually builds from light to heavy coverage while still looking very natural.

Zuii Organic: Certified Organic Flora Volume Mascara

I’ve noticed that when I use any other mascara (not organic one), my eyes start to water and/or burn. When I think about it, mascaras are the most toxic from all the beauty products and yet we put there around our sensitive eyes.

This Flora Volume Mascara has been my really good friend. I always put only one coat of it on my lashes and that looks good for me. It is buildable though if you like more dramatic look. What is really satisfying about it is that it is smudge-proof.

Be Natural Organics: Flawless Foundation

When I look for a professional coverage, I use this Flawless Foundation. The quality of this product is really great, because it is not dry and not oily at the same time. It goes on my face very evenly and smoothly and lasts all day.

Look Organics: Tone

I was looking for a great toner for some time now and I finally found the one that really works for me. My first bottle is almost ending :). It has only four ingredients and they are all organic, way to go Look Organics! 🙂

Look Organics: Serum

I like putting this serum right before I go to sleep. It moisturizes my skin all night long and I wake up with a beautiful skin the next day.

Protect My Eyes From The Sun

The sun emits energy in many forms, like the UV rays that can damage my eyes, and when it comes to protecting my eyes from the sun, I have a lot of options. I wear hats that block the harmful rays, and use eyewear that absorbs the harmful rays. Both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses should absorb UV lights. When buying my lenses, I always make sure that they block both the UV-A and UV-B rays and are both high quality and low prices. You can find that information on the label of the glasses, or the wrapping the glasses come in.

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  1. Good summary, though, as a guy, I don’t have much to say (for once)…

    Oh, but I did like your observation about time “speeding up” as we get older. What did Einstein say about relativity? It’s true, though. When we’re toddlers, one year is a third of our lives. By the time we reach adulthood, even young adulthood, that’s fallen to 3%, 4%. Et voila! There’s the acceleration we think we’re seeing.

  2. Greeting simpleUla,

    i am also a mother living happy life with my children and as you know we mother are very possessive and carry to our looks and health as you are 😀 i feel now happy to read your article about making and looking my face attractive .really appreciated


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