How to Create a Beautiful Front Yard

Are you lucky enough to have a front yard? They’re not common in some parts, but if you do have one – they are simply the most beautiful addition to a home! It’s the first thing visitors see and the perfect way to make a dazzling first impression. Plus, all that greenery is good for the soul. But, we’ve all got busy lives, and there’s a lot of work that goes into running a home. Sometimes, front yard maintenance slips right off the to-do list! And that’s okay. But if you’re ready to revitalize your front yard, here are some great places to start.

Sort Out The Driveway 

If you’ve got a driveway, there’s a good chance it needs some extra love. If your driveway is concrete, it’s easy for cracks to appear, and these can lead to more significant problems later on. Plus, a damaged driveway could cause issues for your tires. Get in touch with concrete experts who can fix this for you. Gravel also makes an attractive option, since it’s affordable and easy to maintain. Plus, you can have different shades of gravel to complement the colors of your exterior and make your landscape pop.

Add Some Color 

There are so many fun ways to add a splash of color to your front yard! Plant some beautiful flowers for a vibrant display. You might even attract some butterflies, too. Add a scattering of potted flowers around your porch for a cheerful greeting to your home. Hanging baskets always look stunning, also. Other ideas are to paint your fencing, porch, or front door. Coordinating shades will make your property look stunning from the sidewalk and give your whole house a fresh vibe. You could even install telescoping flagpoles and hang brightly colored flags.

Get Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture

Is your front yard large enough to host a garden party? How about to relax in and read your favorite book? Adding outdoor furniture makes this all possible. Try a swing chair for some luxury, or a matching table and chairs set to host friends. A barbeque can be a great addition to the front yard too. Why not invite your neighbors over for food and drinks in the summer sun?

Grow Some Greenery

For some people, a plain and well-kept lawn is the most appealing. But a front yard can be so much more of a wildlife haven. If it works for you, plant lots of leafy foliage around the border of the yard. That can give you more privacy while looking lush and pleasant from the curbside. Add some lovely scented plants up your driveway, like lavender or rosemary. This will give off a gorgeous homely scent, especially in the heat of summer. Alternatively, you could add some trees to help shade your driveway. Adding climber plants to the front of your house adds a majestic wow factor, too. Roses or ivy are always a favorite. Did you know that ivy can actually help to insulate your home and keep it cool in summer? It can also trap outside noise and pollutants, so it’s functional as well as pretty!

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19 thoughts

  1. I love yards-front and back, with riotous flowers, including “wildflowers”. If one is in an arid climate zone, xeriscaping may be the best route, but it doesn’t have to be monochromatic rocks and dirt- desert plants come in many colours. In wet environments, the sky’s the limit.

  2. My yard will have Cactus Flowers and stones; low maintenance for the AZ desert; can’t wait and in the back…..lots of shade with a pool and covered patio; yup! I will use flowers for the desert though in various spots for color; good ideas from this post!

  3. Hello 🙂
    I do not have much of a front yard and we are restricted on what can be planted. Potted plants are a great idea! Why have I not thought of them?

  4. Great ideas, Ula! Bringing together your advice about colors and greenery, if you have a lamppost, let a flowering vine climb it, and cover the post with glorious flowers. Clematis and morning glories are two good choices. Not only does it brighten the day, but at night the lamp softly illuminates the flowers. Nice!

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