The Things You Wish You Knew About Postpartum Relationships

Preparing for a baby for the first time can be an incredibly exciting and transformative time for an expectant couple. You deal with feeling the first flutters of pregnancy, managing sickness, hearing the baby’s heartbeat, and feeling their kicks for the first time. There are the days, weeks and months, wondering which parent they will look like the most, what their name will be, and how their sweet little voice will sound as they speak their first word. Pregnancy can be a wonderful bonding time for mommies and daddies to be.

However, after the labor, what comes next? Navigating the changes of going from a couple to a family of three or more can be one of the most challenging things about becoming a parent. As well as learning how to look after a baby, there may also be changes in a couple’s relationship once a baby is born.

Here are some things you’ll be glad somebody told you about relationships postpartum.

There Will Be Highs, There Will Be Lows

It goes without saying that the miracle of bringing a new life into the world will bring a whole new level of respect and appreciation for your partner. Watching them step up to their new role of parent and watching them bond with baby will make you fall in love with them all over again. Baby Bliss!

Feeling low is natural, too. A lack of sleep can make even the most patient person a little tetchy, bring with that a child needing all of your attention, it is bound to bring some irritability towards your loved one. Be patient and kind to each other- you will need your partner for support.

Making Time for Each Other May Take a Back Seat

With the arrival of a first baby, two people who play the most important part in each other’s lives, now have to think about another very important person. This can be a difficult transition and parents may struggle with not being the forefront of their partner’s mind. They may struggle with feeling sidelines as parents focus on their new baby as well as working out their role as a parent. Some mothers also feel like they have lost their identities when they become a parent.

When preparing for parenthood, couples must acknowledge how roles may change and how this can make both parents feel.
When the baby arrives, make sure to take the time to ask about each others day, and talk through the good and bad parts of the day.

Sex and Intimacy is Different Now

Tiredness, hormones, a sore aching body, all play their part in getting the way of intimate relationships. Sex may be out of the question for a month or two after giving birth, to give the body time to heal. But before calling the nearest sex therapist, it might be worth looking into other ways of remaining intimate with your partner during this time. Cuddles on the couch as a family of three snuggled under the blankets. Running baths for your partner and taking it in turns to mind the baby- and when the baby is older, hiring a sitter so you get some grown-up time together, too.

Being a new parent is hard and requires a lot of sacrifices. Don’t let one of those sacrifices be your romantic relationships, too. They won’t stay little forever, so treasure each and every milestone with your baby together, like we will! 🙂

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      1. It’s most important to have the emotional and physical support of families. Sadly, I know of some that ended tragically:(

  1. I love this! I’ve just had a fairly similar guest post on this on my blog. I really like how relatable this is.

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