A Letter To My Baby

For months now, I’ve been writing short notes in the notebook every day, (as I’ve mentioned it here). Today I’m sharing with you a letter to my baby, because since my announcement I’ve “met” so many moms and moms to be that I feel that we are all connected here by motherhood. I was also always enjoying reading such things when I wasn’t pregnant yet or even thinking about it.

Here’s what I want my baby to know…

Dear Baby,

Daddy and I are so ready for you. You are ours, made into this world out of nothing but love. You are our little blessing we asked God for.

The moment I found out you are making me a mommy, I was so happy with daddy that I wanted to jump and dance so badly. (I couldn’t, because I had to be careful with you :). ) We were (and still are) so amazed that you are being created inside of me. You’ve made me a new person. You have always been my greatest dream, my hope, my plan. You have already taught me backaches, severe nausea and I cannot wait to learn from each other so many more things.

I need to tell you that your daddy is so amazingly caring for us that this journey has been so much easier because of him. He always sends us texts in the morning and says to enjoy our day together and that he loves us so much. When he comes back from work, he always gives a kiss for you on my tummy and greets you. Before going to bed, he always takes a kiss from me and give it to you and one more from himself.

We cannot wait to hold your tiny body, feel your soft skin and smell your cheeks. We know that we will stare at you for hours when you are here with us. We already love you so much and would do anything and everything for you. We will try to give you everything you deserve and we will always be there for you and support you all the way in whatever you decide to do.

The greatest things in life are: faith, dreams and love. Always have faith even if you don’t see it. Always dream big, because everything is possible. And don’t let anyone tell you that love is complicated. Love is simple, beautiful and powerful. Love and be loved. You made us a family and your family will always love you more than you know.



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63 thoughts

  1. You and V are giving the baby every advantage, emotionally and physically.

    Many years from now, when the baby’s friends refer to their unhappy childhoods, and complain about their uncaring parents, the baby will understand the words, and probably will sympathize with them, but really will have to struggle to imagine what it’s like.

  2. Aw, that is so sweet. A wonderful way to keep your memories of pregnancy and share your love with your baby. All the best. You look great!

  3. You and V will make great parents. This letter will be something that your baby, as an adult will appreciate. This may start a tradition to hold for many generations.

  4. Congratulations… nice way to let the child know how much it was loved even before being born…

  5. Congratulations!! Your baby bump is so cute, and what a good idea to keep a journal for your little one to read some day.

  6. Beautiful. I wrote a letter to my son when he was still a toddler and put it in his photo scrapbook. He is an adult now. I remember reading it to him once or twice when he had caused a few issues-like the time he almost accidentally saddled us with thousands of dollars in mobile phone bills. Fortunately we managed to sort it out. I told him I always knew there would be ups and downs and I always wanted him to be able to read his letter and remember we loved him, no matter what…

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