Clean Beauty: My Favorites Of Third Trimester Of 2019

Now the time finally came to tell you why I’ve started writing these posts about clean beauty products.

Since January these products are all that I’ve been using, because I knew I want to get pregnant soon. That being said, I was preparing my body and detoxifying it to make it ready to carry a new life :). As you all know, today I’m 6 months pregnant :).

Here are my top choices of the third trimester of 2019:

Be Natural Organics: Pressed Bronzer

I didn’t use much makeup this summer, because 1. I’m pregnant and too lazy for doing the extra work and 2. it was super hot. I did use (and still using) this bronzer for a little glow. It blends very easily and is full of anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and skin-nourishing ingredients.

Be Natural Organics: Eyeshadow

Whenever I decide to use the eyeshadow, this is the one I choose. Again, as all Be Natural Organics products, it has great ingredients. What I like the most about it is that it is highly pigmented and long lasting.

Eco Tan: Invisible Tan

My favorite self tanning products are from Eco Tan. This Invisible Tan, the sunless tanning lotion is very easy to apply and leaves me with a beautiful glowing tan. It is also full of great ingredients, such as: aloe vera, rose geranium, chamomile and more.

Essentiel By Adele: Moisture

This is the first moisturizer that has great ingredients and that I really love. It leaves my skin very silky and it smells divine. I often use it on my face to make it look fresh and dewy whenever I wear makeup. Some of the ingredients are: hyaluronic acid, raspberry leaf, shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil.

I actually got a whole bundle, which makes it easier whenever I travel to just take a mini size of it.

Scentuals: Perfume Roll-On

I’ve been always using full size perfumes, but after discovering these Scentuals roll-ons, I’m hooked. They are 100% natural fragrance and alcohol-free. Nothing better than that when it comes to perfume. My (and V’s) favorite scents are Vanilla Sunset and Wild Rose. Of course, it is so much easier to carry your favorite perfume with you around with such small size of it.

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