Creating A Luxury Home In A Small Space

Have you always presumed that you would live your life in the lap of luxury? Has binge-watching shows like Gossip Girl and 90210, that focus on luxury living and affluent lifestyles, given you somewhat unrealistic expectations of what your home should be like? If this is the case, don’t worry because you are not alone – a luxury home is something that more of us dream of having.

Everyone hopes that they will be able to lead their lives from a luxurious base. However, the problem is that for most of us, money is an issue, or at least, it can be. We aren’t all born into richness, which means that when it comes to purchasing a home, it isn’t always easy to get the kind of place that we have always dreamed of having. Fortunately there are always furnishings we can add and install to let our homes shine in a new light. Blackout curtains, luxurious rugs, posters and open entertaining areas go a long way.

For a lot of us, our homes are much smaller than we first thought that would be. However, the question is: does that mean that they can’t be luxurious? The answer is no, of course. It doesn’t matter how small your home is, its size does not dictate how luxurious it will be.

Bearing that in mind, below are some tips for creating a luxurious home in a small space. For everything that you need to know, read on.

A Lavish Bedroom Is Crucial

Want a luxurious home that stands out for all of the right reasons? Then a lavish bedroom is crucial. In any luxe, hotel-style bedroom, the bed should always take center stage and should be boldly designed and wonderfully elegant. The bedding should match the rest of the decor and accessories, such as the curtains, rugs, and throw cushions. Of course, a luxury bedroom isn’t just about looks, it’s also about how the space feels, which is why a highly supportive mattress, high thread count sheets, and a duck and goose feather duvet and pillows are all must-haves.

A luxurious bedroom should also have some beautiful wall art. I always choose Desenio. They offer high-quality and at an affordable price point posters and wall art. The names of the posters you can see in the picture above are: “Fog on the lake”, “The world is yours” and “Fall morning”.

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Bathrooms Speak Volumes

In any luxurious home, the bathroom should be two things: elegant and tranquil. Think of all of the fancy hotels that you have stayed in and take inspiration from their bathrooms. The design of a luxe bathroom is one that has a certain kind of serenity and glamour to it, as well as having a spa-like look and feel. Ask yourself, what did the fanciest hotel bathroom that you’ve ever been in have? A walk-in shower, clawfoot bathtub, and a double set of deep sinks, perhaps? Take inspiration and ideas from fancy places you have stayed, or failing that, utilize Pinterest as a design resource.

Minimalism Is Key

One thing that almost every luxury space have in common is the minimalistic vibe that they have. If a space is cluttered, then it has a less luxurious vibe to it, which is why hotel rooms are always designed in a minimalistic way and are free from any kind of clutter or mess. To ensure that your home is clutter-free and minimalistic, having adequate storage space in place, as well as only buying what you need, is vital.

Lavish Light Is A Must

Luxury homes are never dark or dreary, they are always light, airy and well lit, which is why it is important that your home -regardless of how small it is – is well lit and filled with light. Lighting should be layered in your home, from overhead lights and chandelier-style pieces to table lamps, the key is to incorporate lighting into every corner, nook and cranny, to ensure that your home is always wonderfully light and airy.

If you plan on displaying any artwork in your home, it could also be worth considering having lights placed directly above them, to shine onto the piece of art. This is something that many luxury hotels do, that tends to work exceedingly well. To make it easier to keep your home at the perfect level of light at all times, don’t forget to install dimmer switches, so that you can easily set the mood with your home’s lighting.

The Right Furniture Is Vital

You may not be able to afford everything that all of the fanciest hotels have, but what you can do is invest in the right furniture. The furniture that a home has, has a big impact on the look and feel of the space, which is why investing in the right pieces is so important. What you want to do is pick pieces that are stylish but also timeless; trends change constantly so selecting on-trend furniture now that will soon be out of date is not worth it. Instead, it’s better to opt for timeless pieces, such as antique furniture, that will add a sense of elegance and style to your home, and will never go out of fashion. Admittedly, these pieces may cost a little more to buy, but if you want a home that looks and feels luxurious, and will stand the test of time, it is much better to invest in the right pieces.

The fact is that the size of your home doesn’t have to have an impact on how luxurious it looks or feels. The level of elegance a home has tends to depend on how it is decorated and designed, size rarely has anything to do with it. Just because a property is larger in size, that doesn’t make it more elegant or luxurious. Hotel rooms can be wonderfully elegant, regardless of their small size, which means that any home of any size, can also be designed to have a luxurious look and feel to it. The size is not what is important, what is important is what you choose to do with the space, and how you choose to make it look.

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  1. Great points, all of them, Ula! Bathrooms are such an important element, and one which most of us overlook. You’re right, though. Looking back on the nice hotel rooms I savored in my journeys, a well-appointed bathroom often set the tone for the entire suite.

    As you point out, lighting is key too. If possible, natural lighting is best. If you’re fortunate enough to have south-facing windows or, better yet, French doors, bonus! Sunlight is the ultimate luxury. Thanks!

  2. Less clutter is definitely the key. I like the idea of having pictures and a tranquil bathroom vibe.
    BTW you look amazing. Baby glow fits you. Can’t wait until the baby arrives.

  3. Thank you for this article, Ula. I really don’t care to have a big luxurious home. But I do want a decent sized place, since I would be living alone or with a second person. As long as the neighborhood is clean, safe, and attractive, that is what’s more important to me.

    I would prefer to have a snazzy and luxurious interior than a big huge exterior. So this was a great post and right on time for me. ❤

  4. I have never really needed a mansion type property. As long as it has 4 walls, running water, electricity and a roof that doesn’t leak, I’m happy!!!! LOL……….

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