Postpartum Essentials For Moms For 2020

While I’m here enjoying my pregnancy to the fullest, I’m getting ready for the time when the baby girl is with us. I would love to cherish the time as much as possible together with V once she’s here.

We already assembled her high chair, which to be honest with you wasn’t easy. However, we had so much fun doing it together. Next on the list is a crib.

In order not to worry about things when she’s with us, I’m also preparing for the fourth trimester. Here are the things I already have under control:

1. Nursing Bra

I’m planning on breastfeeding so nursing bra was my first thing to think of. I did some research, because I was looking for something very comfortable that I can wear all day without feeling too stiff.

I have found Behr Bras, the brand that offers new and improved nursing bras. They have shaped cups for healthy milk production, which is perfect. They are made with premium, super soft fabric and have easy, one-handed clips.

Once I put the one I got, which is all white nursing bra (picture above), I knew I made a great choice! Trying out other brands, this one is by far my favorite!

2. Postpartum Underwear

Unfortunately, you cannot use the menstrual cup after delivery. I’m happy though there is something like “period panties” that work great during these first few weeks. It is always a better choice than disposable maxi pads.

3. Nipple Cream

Your nipples will go through a lot, that’s why it’s good to have a nipple balm. Always remember to choose the one that is safe for you and your baby. Without alcohol, flavors, anesthetics, petroleum, or parabens.

4. Prenatal Vitamins

Many women stop taking their prenatal vitamins once the baby is born. The truth be told, our bodies are still depleted of a lot of necessary nutrients. Especially when you breastfeed, you still need to take prenatal vitamins, because you are providing nourishment for both, you and your baby.

Take a look at this interesting study that proves how important is continuing your vitamins through breastfeeding and how it significantly helps in infants’ development.

5. Water

I’ve heard so may new moms saying how important drinking water is when they are breastfeeding. It’s a whole game changer in producing more milk. Also, being dehydrated is way more frequent while you breastfeeding.

I’m happy to hear if there’s something I’m missing here from you sweet mamas :).

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  1. Yes comfy bras are good to have when breast feeding xx..Im older and don’t have periods anymore however I have purchased the period pants… things ever and made with bamboo.

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