What Exactly Does It Take To Turn A House Into A Home?

Moving into a new home is exciting. Finally, months of searching, signing paperwork, and biting your nails has paid off. You’ve got the keys, and you’re ready to embark on your brand new life! There’s just one issue; you’re struggling to feel at home in your new space.

Feeling out of place at first isn’t unusual, but it can lead to panic stations as you question whether you’ve made a colossal mistake. The good news is that you haven’t. This out-of-place or potentially homesick feeling has little to do with whether or not a property is right for you, and everything to do with the fact you’ve moved into a ready-made home. But, it’s a home that hasn’t been made by you.

Luckily, moving past this isn’t as complicated as you might imagine. To prove that, I’m going to consider the steps you should take. 


Start by replacing anything you don’t love. Most often, new homeowners replace doors and even windows for security purposes. If you want to do the same, don’t hesitate to start looking at window or front doors designs to get this ball rolling. Think, too, about replacing simpler things, like light fittings and door handles that generally stop the place from feeling like yours. Gradually, you should find that these efforts help you to settle into your new life.


Irrelevant of how well-decorated your new home is, it isn’t your style. This tends to be the main reason we have trouble settling in, and it’s an issue you can fix pretty easily with redecoration. Whether you take this one room at a time or ask others to come along and help, you should be able to decorate to your taste in no more than a week. And, the moment you’ve taken care of this issue, you may find that you start feeling a whole lot more comfortable in the space.


Last on the list is to give your new home a good clean. Even if it seems like the previous owner has done a pretty good job here, you’d be surprised how strange it can feel to use appliances, cupboards, etc. After all, you never know how much muck they’re harboring. Imagine lying in the bath without guaranteeing it’s clean!

As such, getting out those rubber gloves and getting the space up to scratch before you unpack all your stuff can work wonders. Admittedly, you might well want to wait until after any plans for decoration you have. If you don’t intend to paint anywhere, though, take care of cleaning on moving day to make everything feel a little less like it belongs to someone else!

A Final Word

Ultimately, living in a property is the only way to make it feel like home, and that’s a benefit that you’re still to feel with time. For now, though, these three basic plans of action can dispel your discomfort and remind you why you fell in love with this house in the first place.

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  1. Worthwhile advice, Ula!

    It’s also important to remember your home is a living organism, requiring constant nurturing. As such, you’re never “done;” there always are improvements to make.

    Far from causing despair, this cause for delight, as in, “My home is great now, yet it will be even better tomorrow.”

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