Products I Got For My Baby Girl (Part III)

I cannot believe that this week I will start my 9th month of pregnancy. Everything becomes so real now. I’m still in search of some great products for my baby girl.

Here are some new brands I’ve discovered and really liked:

1. Stuck On You

I always like personalized items and Stuck On You is a perfect place to find some great ones for your littles. This backpack is super cute and really great quality. That being said, I’m really happy we got one for our baby girl. Yes, she’s not here yet and we already have a backpack for her, lol. Anyway, it will be used one day, for sure! 🙂 Also, their learning and activity books are great and personalized, as well. We got these two: 123 Learning Book and ABC Activity Book.

Of course, I’m covering the name on the backpack in the picture since we don’t want to reveal her name before she’s here :).

2. Babete Designs

Pictures of babies in the snugletes are so adorable, aren’t they? That’s why I had to get at least one from Babete Designs.

3. Pediped

Little shoes are the cutest and Pediped has some really cute ones. What is great about this brand is that their soft soles are made with leather with slip resistant diamond tread. I’m a big fan of white sneakers so I had to get one pair for my little one. Also, something to keep her little feet warm at home.

The brand is currently hosting a giveaway:

Enter your “Scared” photo with Santa for the chance to win a pair of pediped® shoes! Contest runs 12/18-12/23. Submit your photo through our website and post on IG using #pedipedSanta for more chances to win. 

4. Loulou Lollipop

This brand offers some very cute prints and patterns on their blankets, swaddles, etc. I chose planet muslin swaddle blanket since daddy loves planets :). Their hooded towels and washcloth sets are really good quality. This bunny meadow swaddle blanket was also too cute not to have it.

5. Feather + Fox co.

This brand offers some really cute hair bows, headbands and bow ties. I chose some tiny and cute headbands for my little girl.

6. Kidamento

I’ve already mentioned this camera in this post.

7. Blabla Kids

If you’re looking for some adorable knits, this it the place to go. I cannot wait to put on her this endearing knitwear and a hat. What’s great is that they are handmade in Peru.

8. Milk Snob

They offer simple, but very stylish essentials for the little ones and moms. The cover I got is made with lightweight organic bamboo-spandex fabric. The adorable crib sheet and the gown with knotted hat are another very adorable and great quality things.

9. Ryan & Rose

If you’re looking for a good fork and spoon in one for your baby, I recommend checking this brand. These cutie tensils are perfect for introducing solids, as well as transitioning your child to a standard utensil.

10. L’ovedbaby

I’m a big fan of organic products so no wonder, I really like this brand. They have only organic clothing, blankets, etc. for babies and kids (even some for adults). They’re very soft and super cute. I really like their letters and li’l punkins collections.

11. Memories Of Growing Up

I remember that when I was little I was recording how tall I am on the wall with the pen. I know I don’t want any writings on the wall now. That’s why this talltape with animal alphabet will be a great thing to have.

12. Bumco

When it comes to changing diapers, this brand makes it easier. I got these diaper changing gloves, especially for V :). Also, their travel case and cream applicator is very cool.

13. Little Cheeks

They offer a range of cute and useful things for babies and moms. How adorable is this apple teether and pacifier clip? 🙂

14. Leap Frog

I’m sure some of you have heard of this brand already. They have so many great, educational toys. I’ve heard many great things about this puppy Scout that can be personalized.

15. VTech

This baby monitor has many great reviews. What I like the most about it is that it doesn’t use WiFi.

16. Precious Moments

I’ve already mentioned this brand in the posts here and here :). Their frame “Love at first sight” is very adorable so I had to put there her first picture :).

17. Tiny One

One of my dear followers reached out to me on Instagram and wanted to send me a couple of things for my baby girl. This way, I’ve discovered her adorable store :). Her blankets are extremely soft and I love the color of the one I got, as well.

18. Waddle

This brand has the greatest socks for little ones. They have pom poms and rattles.

19. Little Peach Bows

The cutest and pretties bows can be found here :).

The dress I’m wearing in the first picture is a hospital gown, which I’ll be taking with me in the hospital bag. It’s from GiftGowns and they have many to choose from if you’re looking for one :).

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