What Makes Florida the Best Place to Retire to?

Geese aren’t the only things that flock to Florida during the winter! More retirees than ever have been making their way to the Sunshine State in search of warm weather, friendly people, and an overall higher quality of life. For people coming from cold Northern states, the idea of retiring and moving to Florida can be extremely appealing for a number of reasons. If you’re thinking about moving to Florida to enjoy your retirement, these next few points will make you want to start looking for Fort Lauderdale homes for sale ASAP!

Warm Weather

One of the biggest reasons many retired folks decide to make the move to Florida is because of the warm weather year-round. If cold, frigid weather isn’t your thing, Florida has enough warm weather to keep you comfortable all year! The warm weather in Florida can also be good for older people who find it increasingly more difficult to get through the cold winters of the North. Being in a warm climate year-round eliminates the hassle of having to shovel snow out of the driveway or worrying about slipping and falling on ice.

Laid-back Way of Life

Another thing that makes Florida so desirable for retired people is the laid-back way of life Floridians seem to lead. Retirement is about finally getting to relax and proudly look back on Another thing that makes Florida so desirable for retired people is the laid-back way of life Floridians seem to lead. Retirement is about finally getting to relax and proudly look back on your years of hard work, but it can be difficult to do that in an area where everyone is moving so fast. Florida provides the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy life a little more slowly, so it’s no wonder why many look for apartments for rent near miramar beach fl and make the big move to this area when settling into retirement. Southern hospitality is also big in Florida, and anyone who has ever visited the state can tell you that the people just seem friendlier than in other parts of the country.

Sand and Surf

 If you’re someone who enjoys spending time at the beach, Florida may be the perfect place to retire to! The state is known for its abundance of amazing beaches, and there is never a shortage of places to go to catch some rays. Pretty much any of Florida’s many beaches provide great opportunities for relaxation, and your friends and family will love the abundance of fun outdoor activities when they come to visit.

Family Fun

As mentioned earlier, Florida is a great family-friendly place, whether you have family living nearby or grandkids visiting from out of state. Florida is home to Walt Disney World, one of the most major theme parks in America. There are a variety of parks within Disney World, from the popular all-ages attraction Epcot to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Impress your friends and family by taking them to one of the many fun attractions the state of Florida has to offer!

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  1. We did a roadtrip in Florida and indeed, I was surprised by the relaxed atmosphere. But also the beauty of the natural environment struck me: the Everglades, the Keys, Sanibel Island… they are all extremely beautiful and full of vibrant wildlife. Had a most amazing holiday there!

  2. There are many people that work very hard to keep Florida a retirement community. Yes it is very laid back from other States, but they do work hard to keep Tourists and Retirees.

  3. Nope, my preference is the Southwest and that’s why I’m in AZ. If you read my Blog you will find out some of my reasons for just loving the Desert! Thanks for sharing though; I know some people who prefer FL.

  4. We’ve lived in Florida for over 30 years, and went through several hurricanes. They can be scary, and they can bring destruction (my father’s condo building was destroyed). But they also bring people together. Best of all, they don’t happen all that often. Florida is a melting pot of people all seeking the same thing…peace and comradery. We have friends here who come from nearly every state in the Union and several Caribbean countries, so it’s marvelous to learn all their stories.

  5. Hey!! Even I am going through same beautiful phase as yours.. congratulations to you 😊

  6. Thanks for pushing Florida. I like Florida, but I would I also like to mention that the gulf coast along the panhandle is extremely nice for those that do not like the cold of the north or the extreme heat of southern Florida

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