Your Parents Gave You Everything. Here are Some Ways to Make Sure They Feel Loved

When we’re young, it’s way too easy to take pretty much everything for granted. We assume that our friends will stay our friends forever. We assume that we’ll always have those teenaged metabolisms that allow us to eat whatever we want and still stay in shape (yeah, we all miss that). We assume that the status quo will continue forever, even though when we stop to think about it we know it won’t. But most of all we can take our parents for granted. The people who routinely made sacrifices to give us the best possible life and enjoy a better childhood than they had. When you become a parent yourself, you realize the extent to which you may have taken your parents for granted or maybe not shown them the kind of gratitude they deserve.

But don’t worry. Their love for you is perfect and unconditional just like your love for the tiny thing you hold in your arms. Still, it can’t hurt to vow to yourself to step up to the plate when they need you. And, as they get older, they’re likely to need you more and more. Here are some ways to show them that they’re loved and valued and that you’re there for them…

My parents & I long time ago 🙂

When They Need Care, Make Sure That It’s Not At The Expense Of Their Dignity

When we get older, we can find it harder and harder to live as independently and autonomously as we would like. However, the idea of living in residential care makes many of us feel uneasy. When the time comes for them to need care, you might want to have already looked into some available options including home-based elderly companion care. This can help them to remain looked after while still giving them the dignity and independence they deserve. Even if your parents are still fairly young and active, it’s never too early to have the conversation with them about what their wishes for the future will be.

Write Them A Letter

A letter is a wonderful, meaningful and thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost a penny. In an age where we have so many ways to keep in touch, it’s a great way to remind them that they’re special. It’s the perfect way to tell them what you want to say to them and they can keep and cherish it forever. Plus, the very act of writing it will help you to feel closer to them.

Ask Them For Advice

Believe it or not, asking them for help will actually benefit them at least as much as it benefits you. As we get older we tend to rely less and less on our parents’ help and advice. And while they may relish this at first… they can come to miss the way they felt when they were guiding us.

It can never hurt to ask them for their advice or at least their opinion.

Call Them. Today. Now.

We all have a habit of pushing it onto the “laterbase” when it comes to calling our parents. Especially when we have kids of our own and we never seem to be able to slow down for a moment. Don’t delay a moment longer. Call your parents today. Right now.

You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Oh i love my parents but i never want everything from them. Same with my grandma, she wanted to buy me a car when i was young. I never wanted a car from my grandma. Why…. i do not wanted to get watched what ever i do from my parents and my grandma. I always want to go my own way. I want to make my own thing. My parents and grandma didn´t know what i was doing the day. Same today my family did not know what i do inside the wood. Only my husband know, that i do bushcrafting inside of the wood´s. it is better moms did not know everything. Also my first love is very hidden, the first time of this is also very hidden. And it is good like it is.

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