Clean Beauty: My Favorites Of Fourth Trimester Of 2019

I cannot believe that 2020 starts tomorrow. On the other hand, I’m so happy it does, because that means that we will welcome our baby girl very very soon :).

With the end of this year, I’m happy to share my favorites in clean beauty of the last trimester of 2019.

Be Natural Organics: Squalane Serum

This serum is one of my favorite ones out there. I really like that there is only one ingredient in it & it is so powerful. I use it mostly before going to bed and leave it overnight.

Be Natural Organics: Lip Gloss

I am a bigger fan of lip glosses than lipsticks. I’m very happy that there is an organic one I can use safely and daily.

Zuii Organic: Lux Flawless Foundation

After trying out this foundation, I’m not sure I’ll be able to use any other. What’s really nice is that it smells like flowers so I always like putting it on my face. It covers perfectly all the imperfection, leaving my skin looking very natural.

Zuii Organic: Lux Finishing Powder

Another great product from this brand. The flowers on the bottom are so cute and real :). I like using it at the end for setting up my makeup, but I also use it alone whenever I don’t feel like wearing lots of makeup.

Zuii Organic: Eyebrow Definer

I was looking for some great and easy eyebrow pencils for some time now. I’m very happy with Zuii’s eyebrow definer. I don’t need much time to put it perfectly on my eyebrows and that’s the best for me. With other pencils out there, it was taking too much time for me.

Zuii Organic: Color Corrective Primer

This is my second primer from Zuii. I was using this one before. I like both very much, but this mauve one really brightens dull skin. During pregnancy and probably after will be very good.

Divine Remedy: Splash of Rose Toner

I’ve already mentioned this product in this post, but I think it needs another shout-out :). This toner really does smell beautifully and feels amazing on the skin.

Green Tidings: All Natural Deodorant

Let’s be honest, there are not many deodorants with great (not harmful) ingredients that really works. This brand does it very well though. My favorite scent is this orange vanilla one.

4T: Lover’s Massage Oil

I’ve received a box from this company and inside I could find many goodies. One of them was this massage oil, which smells divine. It goes with me to the hospital so V can use it when he massages me to help me deal with all the labor pain :).

4T: Dry Shampoo

Another thing from this box was a dry shampoo, which I’m also packing in my hospital bag. It works really good and I like that it has good and safe ingredients.

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  1. Que o Ano Novo 💫 seja a porta de entrada para novos sonhos e também um período de renovação e de muita paz em sua vida. Que 2020 😍 seja leve e cheio de amor. Que possamos fazer diferente e ser a diferença. Feliz 2020🥂🙏🏻

  2. Happy New Year!!.. hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with hope, love and happiness and life is all that you wish for it to be!!.. 🙂

    Until we meet again….
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    May all the wishes you wish come true
    May peace be within you
    May your heart be strong
    May you find whatever you’re seeking
    Wherever you may roam
    (Irish Saying)

  3. I really liked the way you have structured your content. I really feel like I am listening to you while reading the article.
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