Adding a Little Luxe to Life- While Living Within Your Means

Let’s face it, we all like nice things. We work hard, and lovely life experiences and shiny new possessions are like the ‘reward’ of that. It’s not just materialistic, owning nice things can help you to feel more secure, and if they make you happy then there’s really nothing wrong with that at all. The only thing is you need to make sure that you’re living within your means. Getting into debt and buying things you can’t afford is a slippery slope, and you’re likely to lose everything in the end if you end up bankrupt. Instead, find ways to enjoy some luxuries in life but ensuring that your budget stays on track. Here are some ideas!

Your car

Cars are expensive there’s no doubt about it. If you want a good spec and a newer model then you’re looking to pay thousands, which is a stretch for anyone’s finances. One idea would be to buy used rather than brand new, even a car with a few thousand miles on the clock will cost significantly less than one that you drive straight from the showroom. You could also look into financing a car, this allows you to spread to cost and own a better, newer and more reliable car but without the upfront large payment. Ever wondered how hard is it to finance a car? It’s not as strict as you might think, it’s easier to get car loans compared with cash loans and there are even options for people with bad credit. The important thing here is to carefully look at interest rates to make sure you’re happy with what you’re repaying. And that you can definitely afford the repayments, along with car insurance, tax, fuel, repairs and everything else you’ll need to pay out.


Nice holidays can make working hard all year feel worth it, it’s time out to just relax and recover and really enjoy yourself. Travel can be expensive, however it doesn’t necessarily need to be. Booking early can enable you to spread the cost, or waiting for a late deal could mean you snap up a bargain if you’re more flexible with where you go. Things like eating, drinking and shopping while you’re away can all be budget friendly if you’re careful with your finances. Instead of one two week holiday that costs a fortune, how about a few smaller trips?

Your Home

There are lots of ways you can add luxe to your home without spending a lot. From finding deals on end of line items to upcycling your own and shopping when there are sales and deals on, it’s fairly easy to make your home look expensive without spending that much. Shop smart, and always search around for the best prices.

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