Understanding What You Need to Be a Successful Manager

Moving up in your career and being granted the position of manager is an exciting time for anyone. It finally feels like you are being recognized for all your hard work, and you are ready to prove to your boss and your boss’ boss that they made the correct decision.

However, any promotion can be scary and intimidating, and even if you’ve been waiting for this opportunity for years, you still might not be sure that you can do it properly. To ensure that you manage to smash your new manager role and keep impressing all the way to the top, here are some tips on helping you understand what you need to be a successful manager.

A Plan

No manager can succeed if they do not have a plan, and this plan can involve anything from streamlining the way the office does things to thinking about where you want the team to be in a year, two years, or five years.

You’ll also need to know how to complete tasks and projects to the best of your ability. It’s worth getting to grips with project management tips to help you understand how to manage the team best and navigate the tricky world of project management, especially if you’ve never done so before.

Everyone needs to learn somewhere, and no one will judge you for looking for external advice to help get the ball rolling.

Leading By Example

One of the major issues people have when transitioning into a manager and senior roles is that they find it a challenge to shift away from the coworker mindset. You’ve likely built employee-to-employee relationships with your coworkers, but now you are technically the boss, this relationship will change.

With this in mind, you need to consider how to balance these relationships more effectively. You can’t be the best friend anymore, but you also shouldn’t do a total 180 on your demeanour. Instead, it’s better to lead by example. Act how you expect the rest of your team to act, but also understand the environment. The lunchroom is a suitable place to chat and relax, but when it comes to meetings, they need to respect that you are in charge.

Excellent Communication Skills

Likewise, successful managers also need fantastic communication skills, and this should come from their experience working alongside their coworkers in their previous roles.

Too many managers fall afoul of not correctly communicating what they need and when they need it, and this can cause frustration in the workplace as well as cause people to feel unsure of what their tasks and roles are. As someone recently promoted, you understand these frustrations and confusion, and you can communicate what needs to be done more adequately than other managers.


Flexible working attitudes are becoming more common in the office or job site, and you must recognize employees need to head out of the office early, come in late, or work from home when they need to.

The idea that employees should be at their desks for the entire day is archaic, and with so many things that need to be done throughout the day, such as picking the kids up, doctor’s appointments, or heading to the bank. Allowing flexible working will reduce employee stress and burnout and also increase productivity.

An Eye for Talent

It’s no secret that managers need to nurture and foster talent so they know who can fill their shoes when they move onto the greener pastures. You may not be planning on moving onto the next stage of your career so suddenly aft4rer getting promoted, but you’ll still need an eye for talent that can help your team be the most successful in the office.

Most managers look for employees that remind them of themselves, and while this can work, it’s not the only way forward. You’ve done a lot to get into the position you’re currently in, but not all senior staff need to, nor should be, the same. This is why it’s important to recognize your employees for who they are and what their individual skills are. You can browse around this site to learn more about 360 Degree Feedback Software, where you can learn more about how to develop your employees rather than expecting your team to have your level of expertise from the beginning.

Being able to recognize talent and help nurture it into something that will benefit both them and the company will help you build a successful team from the ground up.

Organization Capabilities

Part of being able to spot talent is to have excellent organizational abilities. This will allow you to team complementary employees with one another for the most effective results and successful projects, with each strength coming into play.

Additionally, your organizational genius will also be useful when prioritizing tasks. Ma lot of managers try to focus on the big goals and allow nothing else until they are finished. However, this often does not leave enough time for the smaller demands. While these may not be as significant, they can harm the business.

Knowing what to prioritize and when will make everything run much smoother in the office. Every manager has a particular way of doing things, so consider which works best for you.


Above all else, managers must be consistent. They should give praise equally but also make sure to criticize as well. Otherwise, the team risks getting complacent.

One mantra that many managers live by is to praise in public and criticize in private, especially if it is a severe issue that needs addressing. It’s also vital not to play favorites with your employees, even if some of them were your friends in your previous role.

A lack of consistency can confuse employees and also hinder their motivation. If they do not know the standards that are expected, then they won’t be able to perform to the best of their abilities. Instead, you risk creating an environment where everyone is afraid of making a mistake. This won’t solely reflect poorly on you, but it will also hurt the company and its growth.

In Charge

Getting the chance to be in charge is not something that everyone takes to so quickly, however, you’ve got to understand that this is now your job, so you’ve got to do it. While you might feel a little nervous about how you will perform, knowing how you can be the best and most effective manager possible will make your transition into a senior role much more comfortable.

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