Using Lockdown To Boost Your Career

While lockdown is preventing you from doing many of your usual activities, there’s no denying that it’s opening up some possibilities as well. From being able to tackle your ongoing to-do list around the house to practicing your baking skills, it seems people are finding plenty to do to occupy their time.

One thing that lockdown might be making you think about at the moment is your job. Whether you’re working from home or you’re facing an uncertain situation, you might be starting to think about your future and what you want next for your career. Lockdown could provide the perfect opportunity for you to further your career and help with your personal development.

Want to give your career a boost? Take a look at some of the following tips to help you climb the ladder.

Take On Some Training

With some free time on your hands and no social life getting in the way – it’s the perfect time for some self-improvement. You could use your time to complete some online courses, learn a language and more. You can find some amazing online classes you can take to further your career that will help you get the skills you need for the next steps.


If you’re not working right now due to coronavirus, there might be some opportunities to volunteer. Many people are in great need, and showing resilience and a willingness to help are fantastic qualities that employees look for. From helping out charities and local health organizations to helping those in your local community, there are different ways you could help out so long as it is safe to do so.

Work On Your Resume

If this period has made you think that your current role isn’t right for you, or you need to find another job, then now is the ideal time to look at your resume and bring it up to date. Using a resume maker will help make things much easier, giving you a resume that’s professional and complete ready for your job applications.

Practice Interview Tips

Getting yourself ready to apply for roles can be daunting, especially if it’s been a while since your last job interview! Fortunately, there are some good ways you can practice your interview technique ready for when the time comes. Practice with friends over video and work on some key example questions to help you build some confidence – you’ll be a pro by the time you walk in front of that next interview panel!

Many people are facing uncertainty with their jobs at the moment, but it’s important that you take steps to limit the damage and focus on your next steps. Personal development is an important way of future-proofing your career, helping you gain the skills to work your way to the top. Stay positive and busy at this time to help give your career the boost it needs.

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  1. This is the best time to make the best of yourself! Remember when you said, “I would do X if I had the time”. Well now ya do! Love the suggestions!

  2. Awesome post! Thank you for your inspiration. I had a lot of time to brush up on French. It was a lot of fun to have a lot of time practicing. I have used this time to work on myself, and develop new skills.

  3. I have purchased 2 books on SQL and enrolled myself onto an online course to improve my skills and I can proudly say that I have made so much progress during lockdown that now I can write scripts that I can use in my job.

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