Friday’s Five: Best Snack Ever!

These posts make me realize how fast two weeks flew by. Here we are again, starting another weekend :). I hope we’ll have a great one! In today’s post I want to share with you something delicious, something meaningful, useful and funny.

Lily is attacking my snack so I attack Lily and here goes the adorable saliva 🙂

1. Best Keto Bars Out There!

I can’t stop eating them and sometimes I “steal” V’s too! 🙂 These Hungry Buddha keto bars have only 1-2 g of sugar, 9g plant protein and 11-12g of fiber! I haven’t seen better snacks than that in my life :). Of course, on top of that, all the ingredients are clean (such as: MCT oil and sunflower seed protein), vegan and non-gmo. Also, no soy, no peanuts, no sugar alcohols and no gluten. I’m writing all these details, because usually when I see such information, usually the snack doesn’t taste good (some are very bad). Hungry Buddha, on the other hand, makes them taste DELICIOUS. I’ve already placed an order today to have more of these keto bars on hand and you can get them on Amazon in Canada (click here) and in the USA (click here) :). You can use code: 15SIMPLEULA (valid till September 30th) for 15% off your first purchase :).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they have three flavors: Espresso Brownie (my favorite!), Coconut Cocoa and Chocolate Chip (V’s favorite!). Last one will be soon available in Canada from what I’ve heard.

As you can see in the picture below, this brand offers way more snacks and refreshing drinks and again, they are all mouthwatering.

2. Amazing Comedy, Drama Show!

Another awesome thing that I would love to share with you is the show called “Dead To Me“. After mentioning one of my favorite shows here and see how many of you started watching it (and some feel the same as me), I’ve decided to go ahead and recommend some more for you. This time is this comedy, drama show with Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini and oh my, these women can really act! Especially Christina! There’s lots of suspense and laughs and I like these the most!

3. Cherry Blossom In Your Home

I’ve recently discovered this beautiful decor hack with the least amount of maintenance. Check out these fake cherry blossom flowers (if you’re in Canada, click here or in the USA, click here) that you can put a couple of branches of in a big vase and it will make a beautiful decor in your home. Super pretty and no watering or worrying that they won’t survive.

4. Stronger Together

5. If You Need Some Laugh

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  1. Your daughter is a cutie! I’m going to get some of these bars today at Costco, because I’ve seen them there! Thanks for the recommendation 😃

    1. Yay, you will enjoy them, I promise you! 🙂👍🌸 Thank you so much 💓

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