Friday’s Five: You’ll Cry When You See It

For some time now I was thinking about writing Friday’s Five posts (after seeing Lauren Conrad doing it) and I’ve finally decided to go for it. I want to publish such post every other Friday and I hope that once Lily is a little bigger, I’ll do it every week.

I would like to share my top five things of the week I’ve seen, used, tried, loved or worn :). Sometimes you find things that you would love to share with others, because they’re that good. That’s what these posts are going to be about. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do writing them :).

1. Show You Must Watch

We all spend now much more time in front of our TVs than usual. I do too, that’s why I would like to recommend you to watch (if you haven’t already) the show called “Homeland“. It is one of my favorites and I already watched it twice. Also, the last season ended not long ago and it was the best one of them all! Have you seen it?

2. Home Cooked Meal

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you saw my insta stories about @chefcookit. Well, I must admit, I love cooking, but now V and I don’t go to do grocery shopping at all (we just order it online). That being said, we love Cook It nowadays, because all the ingredients come in the box and only the fun part (cooking) is left. What’s more, their meals are always delicious, no matter what you choose: salmon and mango noodles or gnocchi verde (or anything else) :).

If you’re interested in trying them out, I’m happy to share with you my code: SIMPLEULA40 that will give you $40 off on your first order :).

3. Matte Smoothing Primer

Being a new (and very busy) mom, I don’t put too much makeup and on most days it ends with just the primer :). Lately, I’m loving this Vapour – matte smoothing primer, because it beautifully covers all the imperfections leaving my skin feeling velvety. Plus, it’s a clean beauty product! 🙂

4. Strengthen Your Immune System

There’s a lot of conversations right now about our immune system and how important it is to boost it. I’m using these Vital Proteins – vitality to help me with it. Not only it has collagen in it, but vitamin C, zinc and electrolytes, as well. It tastes great too!

5. What’s The Title About

When I saw it, I cried and I’m sure you will too :).

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12 thoughts

  1. I keep seeing ads for Homeland but haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch it yet. I think I need to take the time to start watching this weekend!

  2. My top 5 things this week: Every day a fresh wasched face mask, because of corona (covid-19), every day fresh healthy food, sometimes out of the wood, vegetarien food, because meat can have covid-19 inside. Stay healthy all of you.

  3. Wow loved your blog post and would love to see all new friday stories in your blog post. I love watching TV and i am going to watch Homeland now. Thanks for sharing great friday ideas.

  4. First of all Homeland is also my fav show and the next is vit C. I have consume enough vit C in my body these day, will it impact my health?

    1. I take vitamin C & D – they’re both very important! 🙂👍🌸

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