Keeping Your Kids Active And Engaged In Lockdown!

It’s funny that so many of us spent so long decrying how much time kids these days spend inside glued to their various gadgets and screens when that’s basically the standard way of living for just about all of us these days. Of course, if there’s one thing staying inside has taught just about any parents, it’s that even kids can reach their limit of lazing around. Whether they’re bouncing off the walls with cabin fever or being stuck inside all day is draining their energy, it’s always a good idea to try and find some way to get your kids up and about. Here are some simple things that you can try in order to do just that.

Get Them Involved In An Organized Activity

One of the biggest issues for a lot of kids right now is that they have “nothing to do.” A lot of the clubs and organizations that they might have been part of may well no longer be available. However, it’s worth doing a little digging to see if you can find anywhere that is still available. Whether it’s some kind of club that’s still running or an indoor playground that’s still open. Having a reason to get up and active can often be all the incentive most kids really need to get off the couch for a while.

Go Camping

It’s funny how the concept of “getting away from it all” has shifted in recent months. Before it was a matter of getting away from the stress of modern life, something that is still pretty important, but it’s now also a matter of literally being as far away from other people as possible. And for both of these, camping is a perfect solution. It helps to get kids out and about into nature and away from their screens while also reducing the risk of you all coming into contact with too many other people in a time when social distancing is more important than ever.

Set Up A Treasure Hunt

If you want to give your kids an alternative to sitting around playing video games all day long, you don’t need to go too far. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house. Why not set up a treasure hunt at home and in the garden? The appeal of games for a lot of kids is the clear goal that they present. A treasure hunt hits that same part of their brain while also keeping them more active. The treasure at the end doesn’t even need to be that exciting, the act of actually finding it can be just as much of a reward.

Of course, it’s important to remember that there really isn’t all that much wrong with staying inside all of the time. This is especially true right now. Not only is staying inside the responsible thing to do in a lot of cases, but you’ve also got plenty of options for activities that you and your kids can do together that will allow you to take full advantage of this time you have stuck inside.

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  1. Camping is very good at this times. I do camping each weekend and each free hours. I can go away from all this covid 19 and lockdown. I walk with my backpack deep inside of the wood´s. Thats great.

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