Friday’s Five: Let’s Plant Some More Trees Together

We are getting closer to Christmas and I think that this weekend we will put up our Christmas tree. I actually cannot wait. Of course, it’ll be so much fun this year, because we will be doing this together with Lily and we will end it with delicious cocoa :).

Lily delicately playing with my hair 🙂

1. Something To Make Your Drink Holiday Special

Speaking of cocoa, you need to check out Dutchman’s GoldPumpkin Spice Honey Spread. We’ve been adding it to our cocoa and oh my! The best addition ever! 🙂 Get it, try it and thank me after, lol :D. They also have Holiday Spice Honey, which smells like Christmas! 🙂

2. Handmade Candles With 100% Natural Soy Wax

Every day after I’m done with work for the day and Lily and I are waiting for V to come home, I light a candle. Lately, the one that I’m using is from the company called Soja&Co. Fir, Vanilla Amber & Tobacco is my currently favorite :). They use use OGM-free soybeans blended with 100% vegan oils (phthalate-free) to produce a candle that burns longer, is more sustainable and leaves little or no waste in the air. That is one of reasons I like their candles so much! 🙂 On top of that, their hand soap and bar soap are in my bathroom right this moment and only because I like them… a lot! I would almost forget to mention… With every order they plant a tree. Let’s plant some more trees together! 🙂

3. Organic Holy Basil In A Cleanser

While we are at the products that are good for our planet. I need to mention (again) The Organic Skin Co., because I’ve been using their holy basil cleanser and I know I’ll be getting a new one once this one is finished :). It is very gentle for my skin and yet removing makeup and cleaning my face perfectly. I also like its delicate smell :).

4. “Unlock the Power of Herbs”

I’ve recently discovered Nature’s Sunshine and I like that I can find most of the things I’m looking for when it comes to the herbs for me and my family. They put them (herbs) into easy-to-take capsules and there’s nothing better than this! So many great products in one place, highly recommend checking it out :).

5. Knit Dress VS No Knit

Which one do you prefer? I like knit dresses a lot and I’m always happy for colder days when I can actually wear them. What I don’t like is that they can damage pretty easily, BUT not all, of course :). I’m also a fan of knit cardigans that you can just put on and stay cozy for the entire evening (or a day if you wish).

Dresses are from Femme Luxe. The nude dress and the white dress.
This cardigan is from Femme Luxe, as well. It’s very cozy!

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  1. Well, i love all natural things all the time at the year. Time is sad at the moment, we have so much covid 19 and a 2. lockdown here. All restaurants and all kulture things are closed. No christmas markets at the citys, no singing at church……. and sozial distancy. I bought a little wooden carved christmas tree and i put it at work on my desktop. Now i am looking for a biger wooden carved christmas tree for at home 🙂

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