5 Style Tips to Help You Embrace Your Plus-Size Figure

Though the term “plus-size” was first used by the retail industry in the 1970s, only in recent decades have women claimed it for themselves. Today, women celebrate having more than just one standard by which to call themselves beautiful. And thanks to recent developments in the fashion industry, they also have a greater variety of clothing options to reflect both their inner and outer beauty.

Brands like No Nonsense now offer many plus-size options for your wardrobe as well as the right advice on how to make them work. Here are five helpful style tips to look good, feel even better, and exude infinite confidence in plus-size clothing!

  1. Don’t dress to hide your figure. Before retailers put the right amount of care into their plus-size lines, there was a tendency for women to hide their bodies with their choice of clothes. With few clothing options that were actually flattering—or even comfortable to wear—plus-sized shoppers bought overly large clothes by default. If you’ve been through this ordeal, maybe you were scared to wear clothes that you thought would be too tight or revealing. As a result, you may have ended up with products that fit awkwardly and looked unflattering.

Fortunately, it’s now much easier to find clothes that can accentuate your natural curves instead of hiding them from view. Many brands have expanded their size options and plus-size fashion brands have started offering better-fitting clothes, too. These days, you can find options that fit just right and are made specifically for your body type. Shop with this mindset so you can dress to highlight your body’s natural beauty instead of concealing it.

  1. Think of shapewear as your friend. Most people are intimidated by the idea of shapewear because of the misconception that they’re uncomfortable. However, shapewear isn’t meant to be overly restrictive and shouldn’t confine your body the way you think they might. You just need to buy the right size. Ideally, they serve as a way to firm up some of your body’s curves instead of reshaping your body entirely. Find shapewear that matches your body type and pair it with form-fitting clothes such as bodycon dresses. The right new shapewear can help you gain some extra self-assurance to pull off bold and daring looks.
  2. Find out which colors, prints, and fabrics look flattering on you. Another thing you can do to upgrade your plus-size wardrobe is to expand the colors, prints, and fabrics that you currently have on rotation. You don’t have to limit yourself to dark colors and drab patterns. Your body will look beautiful in rich, vibrant, and eye-catching colors like navy blue, emerald green, or burgundy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your palette and see which colors look best with your body type, skin tone, hair color, and eye color, among others.

The same goes for prints and fabrics. There’s a whole world out there for plus-size women beyond solid-patterned cotton clothes. Patterns like twill will add an elegant, professional touch to your outfit. Conversely, bolder designs like fishnets or animal prints will add some color and edge to your look. Don’t be afraid to try different colors, fabrics, and prints to see what will look best on you.

5. Look for exact measurements—not subjective sizing—when buying clothes. One of the biggest reasons why shopping for plus-sized clothing is difficult is because many stores have subjective ideas about sizing. You might feel discouraged about not fitting into their idea of sizing because an XL in one store is an XXXL in another. But remember that this is highly subjective in the first place.

What you can trust, however, are your exact numerical measurements. It’ll be good to take note of them before you start shopping, and buy solely based on what will fit your measurements. This is helpful when shopping online as many retailers do provide sizing charts with accurate measurements for your reference. Shopping based on measurements takes away the emotional burden of trying to classify yourself into a particular size, only to get disappointed when it doesn’t apply.

6. Dress for optimum comfort, and dress for yourself. You are beautiful and your fashion choices matter because they reflect your personality and tastes. Dress to be comfortable in your own skin because you should dress solely for yourself. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s ideas of what does and doesn’t look great on you based on your body type. Look for clothing that fits your aesthetic preferences and preferred modes of expression. Then, your beauty will be out there for all the world to see.

Quality plus-sized clothing will be the ultimate step to leveling up your styling game. By upgrading your wardrobe, you can give yourself the pieces you need to help you build enough confidence to flaunt your beauty and sense of style fearlessly!

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  1. It is strange but I have found that the sizing charts on line are much better for quite a few retailers. Since you can’t try things on in the store anyway it makes it easier to shop.

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