Friday’s Five: No More Nail Drama

Here are my Friday’s Five with my Lily pointing at the other direction, but she meant “look/scroll down” lol :).

1. Pretty Nails Make Me Smile

I’ve recently been using a lot Essie’s nail polishes, especially their beautiful summer colors and I really do enjoy them! That was actually my first time trying this brand and I feel like I won’t go back to any others (at least for now!) :).

2. Honey For My Eyes

I’ve been using this eye cream from Antipodes: Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream for some time now and I’m loving it. First, I really enjoy the delicate smell of honey – so delicious! Second, I like how it is so easy to apply – no need to rub it in so many times, but delicate tapping is enough here. Last, but not least it does brighten my under-eyes :).

3. Something For Your Baby

For all the mommies out there – I gotta tell you about a new product that Love Child Organics now has to offer. It’s their First Pear Prune! “Constipation is the worst! That’s why we’ve made this perfect blend of pears and prunes to aid your little one’s digestion. “

4. Binge Watch This

If you haven’t seen “Starstruck“, you need to binge watch it. Episodes are very short so it won’t take you too much time and I promise, it’ll be worth it :). I also need to say that Rose Matafeo is a one talented girl! 🙂

5. We Need More People Like Him In This World

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  1. I agree we need more people in the world like Ivan. The story you shared is inspiring. I’m sure he will be blessed for his kindness. Thank you for all your helpful hints.

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