Amazing Ways To Celebrate Your Love

There is nothing better than being in a loving partnership with a person who supports you, challenges you, and adores you every day. If you are in a relationship such as this, now and again it is important to celebrate your bond as a couple and show each other how much you mean to one another.

Today I want to help you celebrate your love and show you some of the big and small ways you can show your partner how much they matter this year.

An At Home Date Night

There is nothing better on a Saturday night, especially during lockdown, than a romantic evening with the person you love. You can set up a date night easily with your loved one this week by picking a menu that both of you love, a few wines to go with each course, and a romantic movie to watch together afterwards. Either cooking for your loved one or with them is a great way to show off your love and you can make a fun night of it by setting the table up with candles and having music on in the background. This is particularly good if you have kids and don’t get much time to yourselves because you can set them up with some movies and snacks in another room while you enjoy some quality time with each other.

A Beautiful Wedding

If you aren’t already married the most romantic way to show your love has to be a wedding with all of your closest family and friends. A Lake Wedding for example can be a romantic getaway and setting to show the person you love that you are prepared to commit your whole life to them and devote yourself to them forever. A wedding is a ceremony that aims to show the love and devotion you have for one another and it can be the most amazing thing in the world to experience.

A Couples Dinner Party

For a fun night where you get to spend time with your partner as well as your friends – a dinner party with other couples is a brilliant idea. Set a theme such as a certain country or a genre and allow everyone to come and enjoy your company and your cooking in a home setting. You can allow the drinks to flow and break out the couples games and show everyone how well you work as a team and how well you know each other.

A Movie Marathon

For a fun rainy day activity with your partner – why not fill up on snacks and set up a movie marathon at home? You can use newspapers to block out light from the windows to make the room feel like a cinema – make nachos and popcorn and have a bucket of ice with beer on hand during the night. A romantic movie marathon can be a super fun idea and it will allow you both to cuddle up and enjoy each others company.

A Loving Poem… Or Two

If you are creative at heart and you want to show your partner what they mean to you you could write a poem. Poems and songs are amazing ways to show your personal feelings towards your other half and they can be something truly magical to behold.

A Secluded Getaway

One of the best ways to enjoy the company of your loved one is to book a secluded getaway for a few days. We all have busy lives, and spending enough time with our partner can be hard as it is let alone with kids. Book yourselves a couple of days away alone and allow a family member to keep an eye on your kids. Enjoy the silence of being alone in each other’s company and the magic it brings.

A Meaningful Talk

Oftentimes when we have been in a relationship for a long time, those cute little talks for hours just don’t happen anymore. The more time we spend with our partner the more we learn about them, and after a number of years it feels like we no longer have any new stories to share. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy each other’s company and have a meaningful talk about your feelings. Not only will being transparent be a great way to connect, but talking to each other will make you feel special and allow you to appreciate the bond you have.

Try out these ways to make the most of your love this year.

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  1. I’m so ready for a secluded getaway when lockdown allows! I just love to go camping with my other half and really miss it. We managed to go last year but nowhere near enough or for long enough! X

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