Friday’s Five: Products Approved By Lily

It’s been some time since I shared some items for baby/ kids. I’d love to share with you today some brands that we like and are approved by Lily :).

1. Safety First

Having a one-year-old walking and soon running around is no joke. V and I had to look into some necessities in order to have that peace of mind. I’ve already wrote a short blog post here about toddler-proofing your home if you’re interested in checking it out.

Our go-to place was Dreambaby® since they offer many great products when it comes to baby safety. We got some multi-purpose latches, outlet plugs, angle locks and more. I’m so relieved, because it just makes my life easier, not being worry all the time about drawers, plugs and so on :).

2. Easter Is Coming

I’m slowly getting very excited about Easter! 🙂 My favorite holiday is coming :D. I’m also here to tell you that Precious Moments has some beautiful decor for this special time, as well as amazing books for little ones. My Lily loves their books (I think I already mentioned it) and V and I love reading them to her :). They are beautifully illustrated and have wonderful Bible (and not only) stories.

What’s more, they have a giveaway now “Easter Basket Wish List” from 3/4 to 3/14; please see more details here.

3. Superfoods For Your Baby

When it comes to baby food that’s available at the stores – there are so many options! 🙂 Lily likes Love Child Organics the most. Especially, their cereal – she would only eat one type and no other (we tried two other brands before and she wasn’t a fan at all). Other than that, their snacks are her favorite, as well.

4. Brushing Teeth Is Fun

Since Lily was about 6 months, whenever V or I brush our teeth, Lily would always want to hold our toothbrushes for a second or two when it’s on :). We had to get her an electric toothbrush, there was no other way. Thankfully, there are so many of them for little ones. The one Lily has is by the brand called Papablic and it’s a cute dinosaur. When she brushes her teeth there’s even the light that comes on. You can imagine how much she enjoys brushing her six teeth! 🙂

5. #CanadianBaby

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