Three Easy Ways To Give Your Garden A Facelift

Thanks to a year spent almost entirely inside, it seems fair to say that a lot of us have grown a little too familiar with every inch of every surface in our homes and gardens, and frankly, it’s time for a new look. For some people, that means moving home completely, while others will be looking for easier, more affordable ways to bring a fresh style to their property. But while many of us feel completely comfortable committing to big DIY projects inside our homes, the garden can sometimes feel like more of a challenge, especially if this is your first home with an outdoor space that’s yours.

But a garden makeover doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little imagination and a willingness to try something new, you can give your back yard a bold and exciting new look. Here are three ideas to help you get started.

Let There Be Lights!

We all have those summer evenings that we wish would never end, those times when we wish we could stay out in the garden for just another hour or two. If you really want to show off your garden and to enjoy sitting outside with your friends and loved ones a little later into the evening, then it’s high time that you started thinking about your lighting situation. Stop waving your arm at the security light and look into some beautiful warm festoon lights, or perimeter lighting to show off all the work you’ve done. The right lighting makes it feel warm, welcoming and it makes it feel like home, and it could be extremely fashionable following a certain big interview.

Give Your Fencing More Than A New Coat Of Paint

New fencing is often found quite far down the list of priorities when homeowners are looking to make big changes but think about it. If you’re sitting in the garden for long stretches of time, just think about how much time you’re spending looking at those boards that you really don’t like that much.

New fencing can give your garden a completely new look, bringing you a new level of privacy and style to make it feel like it’s truly yours. Composite fencing is a fantastic long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to old-fashioned timber, and you can learn more about it and browse designs at Ecoscape, which offers free samples and a free quote.

Create A Fresh Look With New Surfaces

If you’re looking to try something a little more ambitious, why not try giving your garden an entirely new look and feel by experimenting with new surfaces? Why not cut a bold swathe through your outdoor space with some striking gravel? A new patioed area could be a fantastic way to add an accent or a focal point to a sociable space, like a fire pit.

Think about how a path could divide your space into distinct sections to be developed separately, with different plants or aesthetics. There’s really no limit when you commit to the idea of a new look, and given how much we all benefit from time spent outside, we really should make the most of it.

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