Here’s How You Can Take Better Care Of Your Hearing

You might not realize it, but the quality of your hearing can diminish as you get older. It’s something that happens to most people and is a natural part of the hearing process. However, even with that in mind, some people experience moderate to severe hearing loss.

The reasons are usually down to the afflicted individuals not taking good care of their hearing during their formative years or as young adults. If you worry about your hearing, here’s how you can take better care of it:

Get Your Hearing Tested

The first thing you should do is find out whether you’re experiencing significant hearing loss or not. You can schedule an appointment with your local audiology clinic to determine whether there is any cause for concern or not.

During your test, you’ll get asked whether you can hear sounds played at specific frequencies or not. It’s a simple test and one that can help the audiologist measure the precise level of your hearing.

If you need hearing aids, the audiologist will help you choose the best hearing aid style for your needs (there are several different types available).

Wear Hearing Protection At Work

Do you have a job where you spend much of your time surrounded by loud or noisy machinery and equipment? If the answer’s yes, your employer should be providing you with protective earplugs or other hearing protection.

Unfortunately, some employers don’t enforce such PPE (personal protective equipment) as much as they should. If you can’t adequately protect your ears at work and your employer isn’t very helpful on the subject, it’s time to look for a new job elsewhere.

Don’t Wear Earbuds

There will be times where you want to listen to music or audio from your smartphone, tablet, or some other device without disturbing anyone around you. Earbuds are undoubtedly a popular choice for listening to music and audio discreetly.

However, when you listen to sounds at high volumes with them, they can cause the most damage to your hearing. That’s why it’s a better idea to wear over-the-ear headphones (and ensure you don’t have the volume up too high).

Stop Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears

Some people have a habit of cleaning their ears each day using cotton swabs. The truth is, such a daily ritual can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Why? The answer is simple: one wrong move can damage a sensitive hearing organ like your eardrum.

Your ears are self-cleaning organs, so the only thing you should do is gently rinse them with some water during your bath or shower. Ears need some ear wax inside to protect against dirt, dust, and bacteria.

Dry Your Ears After You Bathe

Last but not least, once you have finished your bath or shower routine, you need to ensure that you dry your ears. That’s because any moisture inside the ears can cause an ear infection.

One trick to get rid of excess water in your ears is by tilting your head as you clean each ear; gravity will help remove excess water while you dry.

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