12 Clever Ways To Reduce Your Everyday Household Expenses

If you’d like to save a few extra pennies for your summer vacation or simply put away emergency funds for the future, there are several ways you can cut down on everyday expenses without having to make major changes to your lifestyle. By being a bit more mindful of what you buy and monitoring your spending, you should be able to find areas to make small cut backs. You can then put these savings to good use. Here are twelve clever ways to reduce your everyday household expenses.

Upgrade To A Smart Home System

It’s worth upgrading to a smart home system as this will help you save money on your energy bills. The latest in smart home devices such as smart light bulbs and thermostats will adjust automatically creating the perfect environment for you. They can be set to come on remotely and only when needed. Your devices will also monitor your energy usage and send you notifications. This way you can look for ways to reduce the amount of energy you lose and cut back on your monthly payments.

Rethink Your Subscriptions

You may want to reconsider some of your subscriptions. Do you really need so many TV channels? How often do you use your gym membership? Perhaps you’d be just as motivated working out at home or outdoors. If you can get away with canceling a monthly subscription or two as a household, you can put this money away instead.

Stick To A Meal Plan

The best way to save money on your groceries is by sticking to a strict meal plan. This way you can prepare a list for the supermarket and only buy ingredients you know you’ll use. There are also other ways you can cut costs. Try making meals that use store cupboard staples such as rice, beans, pasta, or lentils. These are inexpensive and will last a long time. You can then simply buy a couple of fresh ingredients each week. Here are a few more tips for planning meals on a budget.

Find New Ways To Reduce Waste

There are plenty of simple ways to reduce household waste. You could consider using refillable containers for your food or bath products. You should also look for products with recycled packaging. By teaching the whole family to reduce waste, you’ll introduce a more minimalistic approach to shopping. This will also save you money. You’ll learn to be more mindful and live with less.

Shop Around For Insurance Providers

If you have a sneaking suspicion you may be overpaying for insurance, whether it be home insurance or auto insurance, you could consider changing providers. Shop around and check your policy. It’s a good idea to read online reviews such as these ones for TD Insurance. This way you can learn more about the company and their clients’ feedback. There may also be ways you can save money by changing providers for your utilities, cell phone, or WiFi, so it’s a good idea to double check these things.

Grow Your Own

Why not start your own vegetable patch or herb garden? You’d be surprised how little space you need to grow most things. You can create a container garden in your yard, on your balcony, or even in small pots on your windowsill. This way you can enjoy homegrown produce most of the year round and save money on groceries. Gardening is also a great way to teach kids about nature and healthy eating. You can still plant many vegetables and herbs later into summer and you can watch your efforts bloom in a few weeks.

Monitor Your Spending

Even the most frugal of families can lose track sometimes. You could try using the latest apps to create and maintain a family budget. These will help you to monitor your everyday spending and look for areas of improvement. They will show you notifications of your spending so you’ll be able to remember even the littlest of things. You can even set different budgets for different areas, such as a grocery budget, recreation and going out, or vacations. This way you can organize your spending and saving accordingly and stick to a more accurate budget.

Find Low-Cost Family Activities

There are plenty of free and low-cost family activities available, especially during the summer. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a family day out. You could find hiking trails near you online and take the kids out to explore a new area of natural beauty. If you pack a picnic you’ll also save money on eating out in a restaurant. You could also consider hosting a family BBQ at home and get your guests to pitch in with food and drinks. If the weather isn’t as nice one day you could try creative projects instead. Upcycling is great fun for all the family. Look for old household items you can repurpose into plant pots or decorations, for example.

Consider An Active Commute

Many people spend a lot on their commute and considering an active alternative such as walking and cycling can not only save you money but it’s better for the environment as well. Roughly 25% of emissions come from transportation, and now that more people are working remotely these are being reduced. If you have the option to leave the car at home or work from home at least a couple of times a week, this could be very beneficial. Cycling or walking to work is great exercise and you’ll save money on parking, gas, and more.

Make Your Own Gifts

If your kids seem to always have a birthday party coming up, you could try making your own gifts rather than buying unnecessary items. You could make your own jams, sauces, cakes, or sweets. If you’re not that skilled in the kitchen you could try craft ideas instead. These are much more personal and you can get the children to help out. You could try making homemade bath products from a few household items and essential oils. Another fun idea is to use scrap fabric or wood to make personalized keychains, for example. Here are a few more upcycled gift ideas to give you inspiration.

Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Many people are guilty of stocking up on skincare products but if you’re a little more mindful of your purchases, you can simplify your routine and keep your skin looking great. Spend more time looking for the right products for you, you can then stick to one brand. For instance, you don’t need several different types of moisturizer and foundation once you’ve found the one that best works for you. Summer is a good time of year to simplify your skincare routine as you’ll be sweating enough without an excess of products blocking your pores. The only thing you don’t want to skimp on is sunscreen.

DIY Cleaning Products

You can also reduce the amount of cleaning products you buy. You may be surprised to learn that homemade cleaners are just as effective and you can make these from a few basic household items. Baking soda and warm water can make a great all-purpose cleaner and even get out stains. You’ll find you don’t need such as wide range of products to leave your home looking spic and span. By cutting little costs like these, you’ll be able to reduce your everyday expenses without hardly even noticing. You can then enjoy treating the family to something special with all the money you’ve saved.

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6 thoughts

  1. good ideas good tips. I like the food ideas. As for skin care eye cream is something I don’t use. I simply apply moisturize in a dot motion.

  2. I never thought about homemade cleaning products. What would you use for a floor cleaner? Also, I have been meaning to get on board with the homemade gifts, I am not quite there just yet, but it is one of my goals. I want my won garden too, but, unfortunately don’t have that luxury living in a basement.

    1. I hope that one day you’ll have your own garden! Wait, you will!!! 🙂🌸 For the floor cleaner:

      ¼ cup white vinegar

      ¼ cup washing soda

      1 tablespoon liquid dish soap

      2 gallons hot tap water

      1. This is amazing! Can’t wait to try the floor cleaner! Gah… life goals! One day I will! ONE DAY… seems so far away. Would love to do small things here.. but living in a basement there’s not much natural light.

      2. I completely understand, I lived in a basement for about a year 🙂

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